2pac - 6PAC

Song Rating: 7.81/10

Song lyrics:


Lately all yall n***as been acting real subtle

Talking bout Lammy aint the same
Cause I chose another way from the wave
Boy I still got game
n***a aint nothing change but the huddles

Its funny how the people say they love you
But they aint really there when its trouble

And they dont never see when you struggle
Til a blood n***a bleed
Or a crip n***a crumble

Thats why i gotta go and get my cheese on a double

In case these burger n***as try greasing you out the shuttle
For wanting to be above you

And you know when the pain rain tears
Mother f**ers start playing in the puddle

But f** it Im prepared for the rain though
Brand new Tommy Hil rain coat

n***as talking all that sh**, tell em come to the 646
(But your phone is off)

Riding through the hood
Riding all day
Its the B to the R
To the double O. K
And you know we never LY
N we coming yo way

When you look us in the eye
What the f** you gonna say?

We done got n***as lined just for stepping on the jays

Brett Favre feeling, with the fade
Bret Hart feeling, with the shades

n***as claiming that they real?
Yeah I think they really fake

If you n***as wasnt pinching in for the steak
Why the f** you n***as think you eating off the plate?

It be the same little n***as from your home thatll change
Man I thought spreading love was the way
But f** it man


Im still putting on for the state

f** n***as always wanna talk
Broke n***as always wanna hate

Man I find it kinda weird
That these n***as wanna shake
But these n***as never wanna pop

Bandana tied around my face
Got a n***a feeling like he Pac
Thug Life n***a!

(Skit from 2pac in the movie juice)

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 15:36