2pac - Throw Up Ya Gunz (Remix)

Song Rating: 7.52/10

Song lyrics:

I have this new project coming out along with some other brothers called One Nation
Its like an East Coast/West Coast collaboration
To k** this whole new vibe everybody want to be on about it
Like a war between the East Coast and the West Coast
The East Coast West Coast thing is something that
The journalists and People are making up just to get paid and so it can drag out MTV music awards

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Is it, money or women to funny beginnings, tragic endings
I can make a million and STILL not get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinning, Im hell-bound
Rather be buried than be worried, living held down
My game plan to be trained and, military
Mind of a Thug Lord, sittin in the cemetery cryin
Ive been lost since my adolescence, calling to Jesus
Balling as a youngster, Wondering if he sees us
Young black male, crack sales got me three strikes
Living in jail, this is hell, enemies die
Wonder when we all pa** is anybody listening?
Got my, hands on my semi-shotty, everybodys b**hin
Please God can you understand me, bless my family
Guide us all, before we fall into insanity
I make it a point, to make my peep bumpin warlike
Drop some sh**, to have these stupid b**hes jaws tight

[Hook x2]
All my n***as on the East Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the West Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the East Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the West Side
Throw your guns up

[Verse 2: The Notorious B.I.G]
Who the f** wanna squeeze?
My Desert Es make MCs freeze
You wakin up in cold sweats, they just dreams
You still apologizin, analyzin, my size and your size and
Realizin, a fist fight would be asinine
You just pop wines I must pop nines
Genuine steel piece, nozzle in your grill piece
Youre shook up, two bricks, every cook up
We can hook up, all I see is the future
Disrespect, I shoot ya
By the way, them bricks, get flipped weekly
Sold by soldiers that mix weed with the leak leak
Die for a dollar n***a, life aint sweet
Play for keeps wet shirts with experts on the creep

Our beef is my fiance, about to marry it
Illegal transactions in Farragut with Arabics

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Eazy-E]
n***as aint sh** in the 90s, I dont trust em
And b**hes on my dick but they aint sh**, so motherf** em
Eazy knows whats up cause see he really dont give a f**
Cause it dont concern me if dont pertain to money or a nut
But then again I talk to a few of my friends
Nine times out of ten bout some ends or some skins
Cause Im the type of n***a that gotta have it like a rabbit
Rappin is my hustle bustin hos is a habbit
I stab it like a true no good n***a should
I do it the way a down O.G. n***a would
And now n***as know Eric Wright aint no busta
Another platinum cut from the Compton thugsta
My name is

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Big Punisher]
The penalty is d**h, especially when Im mentally stressed
My enemies hang with me til I eventually flip
I never reject an offer to battle
Slap a coffin on the saddle
And rattle like a wooden horse to el barrio
n***as talk but they babble cause they aint sayin nuttin
If aint blazin somethin with the mac Im in the shack bakin muffins
Fake the funk and get your rump roast
One dose of the toastll make you jump if you come close
Pun spoke, aint no more debatin; my Squad been waitin
For the perfect time to give you what you all been waitin
An orgi-nation of veterans built
With genuine sk**s to pay the heat, gas, and the rest of the bills
Invest in the real, dont get left in the hills
My tech and my steel turn your whole crew into vega-ta-bills
We blessed with the will to never surrender
Cause my every agendas in and out, unseen like I entered the ninja
Its my world

[Outro x2]
All my n***as on the East Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the West Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the East Side
Throw up ya guns
All my n***as on the West Side
Throw your guns up

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:01