Adamant - Day After Day

Song Rating: 7.34/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro-Sy Ari Da Kid]

Feel As Good As I Look β€˜B
Need A Couple More Mirrors
I Feel Like I Look Better Than My Baddest b**h
You Know What Im Saying, I Dont Give A f** β€˜B



[Hook-Sy Ari Da Kid]
Day After Day, Lord As My Witness
We Disrespectin Hoes f**in n***a b**hes
Day After Day, Word to My n***as
Aint Worried Bought A Drought, I Handle My Buisness
Day After Day (x3)
Whats Up n***a
Day After Day (x3)
The f** n***a

[Verse 1-Sy Ari Da Kid]
Ghost Had a Glock (True)
Tre Had a K (True)
Makin Movies in the Daytime, Matinee (Say What?)
Whikey Done Put Me Up On Game To What Them Crackers Say
Okay, You f**in b**hes, Anne {And} Hathaway
Wishin For A Gram, Its Itchin on My Hand
Im Fly like the zipper on my pants
I dont need no cable, I got b**hes on demand
And Im sh**tin on you n***as like Im sittin on the can



[Verse 2-Sean Teezy]
Call me Bodega, Shawty

MOE, Money Over Errything
Blowin on that Mary Jane

Cold like a Dairy Queen
All your n***as is some b**hes Tyler Perry scenes
Keep a Halle Berry team we be servin erry fiend


No in-betweens by any means I intervene
Residue I keep in my jeans
Cant explain the way I lean
Hasta Lavista, Se Lavie
Night After Night, Everyday I Sleep
b**h n***a hatin bout how I move
How I live and the way I eat, cmon

[Verse 3-SK]
The bars is sick, and if you was to call ya chick
She wont pick up cause she on my dick
Its like a f**ing newborn the way I spawned the wrist
We Outta Weed, Call Rick
To bring more of the piff
Yeah, skinny broads, no, I need a chubbie b**h
These n***as hate but these hoes love me quick
Plus my money thick
And Im known to k** the Mic on some Conrad Murray sh**, Ls


[Verse 4-Coach Ricky J]
Rick Flair, b**h im Blazin

Im Like, Started With a Double Up
Then a n***a Tripled Up
All From my mindframe, Cash Out or Get the f**
Young n***a Takeover, 80s Baby in this b**h
Them Hoes for everybody im on my Juvenile sh**
That Coach Rick sh**
The Screamin Drive Um On sh**
That hear that Im the plug, get it out the mud sh**
Whip a 4 to a 9 sh**
Watch that microwave cook up a whole brick
Coach Rick


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