ATM (New Orleans) - ATM vs Ubserd

Song Rating: 9.28/10

Song lyrics:

[Round 1] ATM
Youre going to get smashed you f**ing fat nerd
I didnt understand your last word
Looking weird as sh**, with that beard and sh**
Youre the queerest b**h
I could punch you in your big nose
And all I will see is your f**ing face explode
So, you really summed yourself up in one word Ubserd
‘Cause I feel like Im up here going up against some dumb nerd
So it doesnt matter if its how your ups turn
Yo, I will spit some flames thatll make Ub burn
And theyll need some special sh** to build Ubs urn
You and your mother, f**ing hate me
But her and I are love birds. That sh** makes Ub hurt
So to fight the pain he orders pizza
But Im more than eager and sure to beat ya
I cant tell if youre some type of forest creature or an aborted beaver
And yo, late at night, hes a superhero, known as “Big Tit Man”
And fights hunger with an antimetabolic wrist band
He grabs a whole bunch of food and holds it in his left
And he does the exact same sh** with this hand

[Round 1] Ubserd
Ayo, Im not going to be an easy win like Pa**da was
Your time on the battling grind wont last past your buzz
Because youve got sk** thats a** [?]
Kids, this is what ma**ive love of acid does
People only go see ATM when they need cash for d**
Yo, Kap, whats up?
“Could you battle ATM please?”
I said “Pfft, ATMs weak”
b**h this is payback for those f**ing ATM fees
Now you are not cool, no need to play pretend
Even though we may be friends, he is not original
In other words how are you A “TM”
Homie I pack ribs, smashing your whore with my dick in her titty space
Because you aint attractive with Animals haircut and Miss Piggys face
So I keep her vagina in leg locks
His type of dime is the inflatable kind you could find at a s** shop
You belong on the same level in line with [?]
Head greasy enough to start wanting dreadlocks
He must be the by-product between China and X-Pac
I drop lines thatll damage fam, why do this to yourself?
Stop guy, you dont stand a chance
The fat boy is eating Louisiana fast like Popeyes and Zatarains

[Round 2] ATM
Ayo, after the battle of the bay, this f**ing faggot called Kap a b**h
Thats my president, what the f**
Look, this faggot b**h, is as fat as sh**
Well need a miracle and a magic trick to fix this f**ing accident
But I bet the weird accent sticks and he still has the baddest lisp
And looks like what would happened if Erik Estrada and Elvis had a kid
Youre more fat and thick than the 06 Illmaculate
Maybe you should do what he did and start smoking crack and sh**
You couldnt be stopping me with anything youve got from me
Congratulations, against Morebucks that was the first time youve committed a robbery
I will break ribs on this fake b**h
And Im not the only one here who thinks that you and Tank Lipp should have left on the same ship
And if not that b**h, you shouldnt get sent to the tryouts
Ayo Kap, kick this guy out for having such big tits that they might poke your eye out

Ayo, A is ruthless with styles, and Im telling you, you cant face me
b**h, youre basic
I will f**ing rip this whore and sh**
Remember that one time we met before?
We were both inside your mom when we made that pregnant p**n
And thats why your heads deformed

[Round 2] Ubserd
Ayo, I spit more hype flows
The average attendance of your live shows
In the 504 is 4 five-o
This pansys finished. No way this man is winning
When you started rapping after being kicked out of every band hes been in
This lame rapper isnt a nice flowing, with f**ed rhythm remain wacker at life
Im making it that last of his punk visits
I wonder why hes named after a device that works having plastic shoved and stuck in it
Respect on the freestyle, but the fans wishing you came prepared
Plan when you stand facing a rare pro
You could do it meanwhile between catfishing with bare hands and drag racing air boats
This silly slow nerd is flagrant, Ive been to the end
Oh I hate to see this whole [?] fragrance
Down in [?] they really know Ubserds the greatest
I would start swinging but this ATM is under video surveillance
So who do you think is going farther in the game, send anybody
Ill rip apart your remains, my scope is calibrated now, target is aimed
Im not saying they won the Super Bowl when I send you to march with the saints

[Round 3] ATM
Alright, Ill make it count but it really doesnt matter
I thought you were going to lose weight, but b**h, you got fatter
Good prediction, by the kid with big tits
You couldnt spit sh**. I will beat you down
You expose your Adams apple and your weird beard you f**ing fricking piece of sh**
I demolish this hoe, yo
Remember on the phone we talked and you admitted you were an obese bastard
You said you did c**aine to lose weight but it made you only eat faster
This is what happened if a Rico Suave ate nothing but burritos grande
If not that, then John Leguizamo robbed a McDonalds
I cant believe Kap even wanted me to battle you snaggletooth
Youre like that transvestite b**h from Miami, “The Model”, but with fatter boobs
What the f** are you drinking, b**h you must be dreaming
You wish you were me thats ATM semen

[Round 3] Ubserd
Ayo, cherish your last moments, youll be deceased by the end of this fine day
We all know who the picture in your relationship is because B.C always comes behind “A”
The crowds laughing at you, not with you, so every punch fails to fire
Tuck in your tail, retire
Son Ill give ATM more bumps than braille requires
You only grip metal doing the cake stand, drinking to place fraternities
And the one ward youve been in is a sign that read “maternity”
So leave in a state of Missouri like the one your border divides
Never return or get served, you cannot keep affording the drive
Already been torn alive and gored by Collide, what?
You got some grudge against us because every single Cuban in New Orleans survived?
But you got my sympathies. The same might happen in Miami and one day it could
But sometimes acts of God are for the greater good
Why dont you tell them how Bush blew the Levees to save your neighbourhood
Every single verse was an awful lot of booty
If you heard a gun burst, hed call the cops truly
So Imma tie him up behind my truck
Drag ATM through the streets like the first Barbershop movie

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