Chief Keef - 0 To 250

Song Rating: 8.36/10

Song lyrics:

I say I took n***a money, and I neva gave it back
Boss sh**, Ball f**ed your b**h boy thats Ball, b**h
Small sh** Im just talking sh** on my dog sh**
Only the family huh? how the f** these n***as crossin
I got it tatted on me but Im Glo Gang b**h
I dont smoke regular I smoke propane b**h
Face time gang off your b**h phone straight gay sh**
Knock that top off of that top watch who you play with
But I aint gon say sh** just have shhhh come spray sh**
Wanna see me pay me better have that ff ready
Pull up like that n***a hop out better have that vrooom ready
I want a I8, f** a new Bentley!
Only American car, I got that b**h is two Hemi
Only f**in gun I got that b**h is to semi
Only f**in thot I got that b**h is too pretty
And erry state I got t.h.o.t.s in two cities
And erry plate I eat lots so who wit me?
Try me boy I hope you got two kidneys
Can you take 18 shots like you two 50?
Just to pull off in that rarri boy thats two hunid fifty
I got evicted out two cribs and I just got two hunid fifty
I spent a 100 on my j**elry the rest bought Trus with it
Them steamers yall be ridin I bought shoes wit it

All that stretch gang denied I brought chu in it
Aye three hunid what? 3hunna tools with me
0 to three hunid fast b**h boolin it
Aye fooled down on that thing wit two hunid fifty
On the dash and you know I act the fool in it
Them earrings in yo ear I bought food wit it
You stole my daughters clothes boy yo a** a fu wit it
Just bought a trap house aint no rooms in it
Its just faults in it and scalps in it
Just bought a new car aint no shoes on it
So Im ? in it then Im rolling in it
Just made a video aint no hoes in it
Cause they all in this sh** for the glory n sh**
Just had a shoot out wit a few n***as so Im ducking this sh**
And buckin this sh** they see me busting this b**h
Remember posted on the block loving this sh**
Now that Im the king b**h aint no love in this sh**
About my beans you get buttered in sh**
Madre Imma f** your mother and sh**
Hundalay gotta pick up that money real quick
At the bank swear that sh** be the funniest sh**
b**h tryna eat the circle she thought we was funnies
Neva trust a n***a and no love for no b**h
Cause n***as two face and hoes be f**ing the click
So I ride past that petal I be f**ing that b**h!

Date of text publication: 24.03.2021 at 15:27