Conejo - You Aint Got The Streets

Song Rating: 8.14/10

Song lyrics:

I roll through your hood flashing the Tech
One false move and the shells eject
With all respect
Thats how we connect
Little homies getting tats spelled out on the neck
Boy slide me ah beat and I come correct
Ese murder suspect ill rhyme inject
No side effects when I subject
All my people in the crowd to my notorious set
Moving digital units around the clock
Straight from the block in the sky like ah hawk
Complex combination that you cant unlock
Big C Rock no riders block
The Gat Pop
Lets see who drop
Muthuf**ers talking money never stepped in the swamp
This what you want
Then my ghost will haunt
Ese all down Hoover and down Vermont
Then I hit another state and they speak like me
Ese throwing up the H Rabbs what it be
It felt good
To see how far I could reach
Into the mind of some k**ers that allow me to teach
So I preach
The mentality

Cause in the muthuf**ing calles its brutality
Fatality so reality
Psychopathic to the fullest personality
Thats me
An infernal machine
At the scene of the crime when you heard the screams
Its routine for me to smoke that green
Homies sixteen bars is my Vaccine
The musical theme is of ah violent stream
To put ah end to this b**hes and their fraudulent
Escape clean
Ese with all my team
Ah red laser beam take your a** down stream

You aint got the streets I bang the hammer on rivals
Blood on my Chucks so their aint no denial
Out of dodge
But this life got me going
In this wicked a** world C Rock stay flowing
Im cold hearted
You cant do it like this
Cause I aint gonna fade this is permanent ink
All day
I could feel the heat
So I know muthuf**a you aint got the streets

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 15:20