Courtney Branch - Dont Be a 304

Song Rating: 8.76/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah.. wha**up yall?
Its a 304 thing baby
Snatchin the hoes and the loot..

Smack it up, flip it, fly honey dip it
I never bone alone, I got a nine in chrome
I used to be out of luck, now when I get a boner
It often means vagina miner get to the moaner
I mean really cause its silly ? bumps that I broken
I guess youre gettin dumber ? in the summer
I didnt know a rap song could make your jock that long
Wheres your mattress, is it strapped off?
I got a girl, now my dick it need a little rest
Cant be a freak, AIDS k**in n***as every week
So when I see the booty on a cutie
Got to turn the other cheek
Word to the diggidy diggidy D
So now I got damn groupie on my snoopy
A year ago, now youre up in the butt
Though I didnt know, that I would know, so many is good hoes
By the look that you chose, youre undercover pros
Praise the Lord, bless your soul
In your Gap and your tight clothes and your fake gold
I forgot the hair, gettin paid for your derriere
Shakin it and bakin it, while a n***a steady takin it
For a ride in a Benz or a Beamer
304 have you seen her? Have you seen her?
AM, pump with the trunk of funk
Wont luck f** for a trunk of stuff
Wouldnt give me the play when I was Jay, now Im G
She got the okay, she seen my CD (b**h)
And oh how she jocks
Callin in my sh** on the Video Jukebox
Baby, I wont say maybe, I just say noooooooo
Dont be a 304
Dont be a 304 (4X)
Dont be a 304
Dont be a 304 (3X)
Cmon baby
What you want my loot and my ducts, and the dingaling?
Dont be a ho

Now for the deuce, fans wanna know who is who
Tres with the ba**, mo go 304 is a groupie
Stompin, AMG aint from Compton
Better yet Bed-Stuy, N.Y
Some of ladies wanna know why I say b**h
To get rich or to make a point about a trick
A b**h is a woman who s**s and f**s
A dumb n***a for his ducs and bucks
A ho is a girl thatll do the same
With no shame, and less game
And baby, I dont want neither
b**hes or hoes, I keep my sh** in my Girbauds
Or wrap it up tight in a jimmy hat
For a red bombudd and a hootie mack
L.A., home of the one night stand
Like playin craps with your dick in your hand, you understand?
So this is for the college and the high school crew
Cause yall be out f**in like a zoo
You better quit, before your dick goes
f**in with the trick hoes, dont be a 304

Dont be a 304 (4X)
Hell yeah, ya know ya know ya know
Dont be a 304
Dont be a 304 (3X)
Yeah my man, aww yeah
Uhh, uhh, uhh
Dont be a ho

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sh**
For the ninety-two, peace, to Penthouse
My n***a Mo Dough
2nd II None, DJ Quik
My man J.C.D
And Bo$$ is definitely in the motherf**in house
Im gone.. peace!
Yeah.. yall stay tuned
AMG for the ninety-three
You know what I mean?
Aww yeah
Yo, yo Tres, cut me out man, Im gone

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 11:33