Current 93 - How The Great Satanic Glory Faded

Song Rating: 7.22/10

Song lyrics:

One night as I lay in my bed sings
The Chinese chatter is chipping away
The whitelit clouds a**emble
A small angel of God displays this:
Shiningblack beetlewings polished is he
Deepsheened tortoiseshell Majesty
Almost as furclad in his peackock feathers he
Burnished dark rosewood embodied with motherpearl
Some of the armour of the Rainbow Messiah
Brightfire of morning lightbearing fallen
Falsifier telescope viewed topsy-turvy
Motherliquor lifes flicker soullicker
He comes and he goes
There where he wants in the Shinig of your mind

Greenscaled flybacked carapace she
Dark stars imploding and shuddering she
In the menstrual night she
She opens and she closes she
In her the flowers are all one she
Stamen lip and hovering she
Beauty alone and unmirrored she
Blackhaired and blackeyed door she

Hart so lovely dewed labial she
Pearldrop and dewdrop
Soft pillow of seaspray
And dark smokevoice of evening

Wallbuilt and pinnacled gorgon is he
Snakelike and sulphurous serpentine emperor
Bra**limbed and trumpeting dischordance he
Bonevoices and bonethroated sepulchral decadence

Crackedsun boneset anklet of jadegreen
Sugarcane pomegranate bloodeyed and seawide
Larkthroated birdwinging cloudstormy golden
Lucifer Lucifera Luciferens
Stoneheart and coldskin and icerendered member
Grapecluster darkthruster coalblackened smithy

Not saviour nor Silence nor Anything at all
Goldplated illusion and fools gold in heaven
I say goodbye...

Lucifer has two faces: male and female. Lucifers beautiful eyes are two dark depths. In one is the seadeep profundity. You may stare into this bluedark body for ever. On his surface, the waves come and go. The other. Clouds breathe across her body. She is the night. They both lie.

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 09:19