Deon Palmer - Week 5 Reading Journal

Song Rating: 9.85/10

Song lyrics:

I read about a storm that was coming but is only coming in the imagination of a traumatized girl
I read about how shaq went through police academy attempting to become a police officer and then tried becoming a sheriff. Shaq went through police academy became a police officer and then was moved into a special department because it was to dangerous for him to be out in the road giving to out tickets. Shaq was moved to a department were he scanned the local area for stolen cars and cargo. Shaq saw many things in this department including a dead body with a shotgun in its lap and its head blown off

Today I read about shaqs journey to becoming a man. Shaq grew up in Newark New Jersey and he faced many obstacles there. He learned how to become a man and learned what he wanted to be apart of and what he didnt. Here shaq found himself and what he stood in. Newark New jersey shapped him into the man he is today. Which is why he so successful now.

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:24