Diabolic - Multisyllabus

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Song lyrics:

[Intro: Danegurous]
Yeah... Uh
Danegurous, Apathy, Diabolic and C-Lance
Underworld, Motherf**er
Real lyricists up in this b**h
SP, Crime Family
Lets go

[Verse 1: Apathy]
I make paper off Hip Hop, I used to pickpocket for profit
Was at piss stop,but now I picks stocks that rocket
Give the godz they offering, I aint got a lot of options
In jail hustling toxins or bare knuckle boxing
A bear size cracker that paralyze the wacker
I terrorize rappers, compare our rhymes after
Big difference, big dish, lets leave em with some ribs missing
Run up on their kids christening
Wizard of Wig Splitting
Abra Kadabra, turn cadavers into anti-matter
Stab you and ravel your abdomen blood plasma splatters
Straight bullet shatters plasma screens
Loading up the magazine
Its not a nightmare, its a savage dream
I got bags full of green, you make average cream
Youre a pa**ive queen
Im a ma**ive mean radioactive green
Hulk that will smash your spleen
Spit a paragraph and take a bath in gasoline

[Hook: Scratches]
Welcome to the next level
Make a non believer see a miracle
The question is, can you top that homie?
You can probably pull something close but stop that homie
Fasten your seat belts for take off and landing
The game been over, because the lead is too commanding
You can bring your best but you never match this flow
We rise above it and they love it
Makes ya mad, dont it?

[Verse 2: Danegurous]
Ripping it up when the beat has begun
Danegurous, Ap and Diabolic
Ripping it up with the weed in my lung
Blaze a bag of fire chronic
Vile-vomit-bile living it up cause we are the ones
Sticking em up with the heater and run
Picking it up and I leave in a rush

Hush... As a kid I didnt listen much
Solicited illicit d**
So listen Im sick as f**
Explicit, I pissed on sluts
Sadistic, Ill slit ya jug
Consistent, you a sitting duck
Im gifted with a twisted tongue
Never interrupt when gripping on a pistol pump
Sipping on a fifth of rum, splitting the biggest thickest dutch
With the finest strands filling up my diaphragm
Fiddle on the violin k**in a man, Im Meyer Lan-sky
Silent stampede for the fans to see insanity
Violent fantasies for your fam to grieve
You aint a fan of me
You are now, demanding me
I plan to be branded elite panic and leave
Check the spanish speech
Im peligroso plenty loco
Semi .44 get ready machete for any local
Many so-so so I put em in the fetal position
The evilest is him get beaten like Gs in the prison
You people are tripping like believing that Jesus is Christian
Cease a critic shadow people wrecking beats per minute
Ds predictions that youll speak but you full sh**
My mutlis legitimate
Study the multisyllabus, b**h

[Hook: Scratches]

[Verse 3: Diabolic]
I used to love her, until some dudes abused and f**ed her
Now I speak a Broken Language
I learned from Smoothe Da Hustla
Throwing uppercuts till s**ers guts ooze and rupture
Fighting like Im Iron Mike, but never lose it to a Buster
Im just too unorthodox for the conformist flock
Because I inspire Blacks, Whites, and Puerto Rocs that slaughter cops
We need to change
Let freedom reign like water drops
And tear down the fences they use to keep the borders locked
Squeeze a warning shot, homie, we on a daily grind
And you rarely find the feeling you get when you hear me rhyme
Clearly, Im the cat who came back to raise the bar
When you come with cheap bubblegum sh** like packs of trading cards
Smack a famous star backwards, jack his favorite car
Making m**ms pray to God while the Catholics praise Allah
Taking part of something different, give it whats been missing
Sipping rum, getting drunk and pissing on every s**er living

[Hook: Scratches]

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