Diabolic - S.A.R.S (Hold Ya Tongue)

Song Rating: 7.54/10

Song lyrics:

(Family Guy Sample)

Haha! (listen) scratch (diabolic)

Verse 1 Diabolic
Im the cross-bred genetically engineered version of
Charles Mansons DNA, And 2Pacs murderer
I been real
So if i feel your fake then your dead
Therell be hell to pay
Like you owed Satan some bread
I be , sprayin some lead
Airin you out on some foul sh**
Ill rock your jaw, Like i wear your mouth as an outfit
I been bout it bout it, since i was breast fed
Sick as Eazy-E teachin s** ed on his d**h bed
Mad at the world , so i live by the gun
Like smith and wesson where my neighbours on the strip i was from
I open doors then incite riots and go to war
Still broke and poor with million dollar vocal cords
Ill rape your speakers, rob you and take your sneakers
While i raise and slit a label leaders facial features
Then take a breather
Sit back while chips stack, drink a six pack
As i think about why i did that

Chorus : Scratches : ( dont compare me to you ) (mawf**a move back) (you aint there)

Verse 2 Diabolic
I do what every artist does
Its my heart and blood, But i feel like Id have to die
Before i start a buzz
So i dont show love, I just hate and smoke bud
Stickin up my gun like fingerprints with no gloves
We could throw slugs and i could catch a body
Or fight in the club
Im Tyler Durden at the after party
Im criminal surrounded by five cop cars
On the streets of Toronto , screaming:

Ive got SARS!
This blocks ours
But cops crucify the streets
So i love police brutality, when i brutalize police
Do or dies what i do for my beliefs
Till im in a pine box wearin a suit and tie to sleep
Polluted by deceit and all these snakes schemin
So i see my worst nightmares, while im day dreamin
My careers f**ed the way my manager left it
So ima put him on blast
His names Travis Mc (?) Vetrin

Chorus ( I had enough of you man, im about to f** up your plan)

Verse 3 Diabolic
Im the soldier hating this pop-culture
Till i got chips like the teeth
On my Nas poster
Cop toasters, cops watch from a block over
Glock holstered while i sell raw to stock brokers
Im not sober
I stay drunk watching dimes
And fill em with more shots than big and 2Pac combined
Drinkin moonshine
Runnin off at the mouth
Like im the guy fathers warn their daughters about
A scumbag who just let the shottie spark
Till im surrounded by cops like Em with his body guards
Pigs say im a lowlife and i think i like it
Cuz i belong in a pen , like the ink i write with
Im Doc Kevorkian
While cops escort me in
Leavin fire on the street
Like micheal j fox delorian
So f** rap
I can see past it
Ill cop a hundred pack just to supply ja rules E habit


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