DNA - Undaground Choppers 3

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Song lyrics:

(DNA:Verse 1) DNA what cha gonna do?... Ima hit them with the vers-a-tility
Spit a deadly soliloquy
Swarm of k**er bees
Finna k** the beat BZZZZZZZ
Im everyone of them BZZZZZZ
Summon em Coming up to put them in a coffin
Ima punish them
Im the krypt keeping, beat lyncher, meat stincher
Feel the heat against your body about to reach up in ya
Im teachin yahhhhh
Alll a lesson, follow the lesson
Or catch the hollow tip if my teeth When i eat dinnerrr
When youve been rapping as long as the DNA has
WHAT.. Every second you spit you aint gotta spray fast I could lay your a** down with the chill flow And penetrate ya with the Steel spiked dildo
Lyricism ho-ho when youre still cracking those gay jokes
All up in the closet chilling with those gay folks
I stay cold (?) said to hold back, Flowing like a rainbow
There you go, think im gay, cause i mentioned a rainbow
Which is a metaphor cause you dont know where my brain go
somebody thinking they gonna be finding the way of my Lyrical mastery, f** with the DNA making them flee away head for the hills a catastrophe, is coming your way
Im propping you up just like a trophy
?When i take a dab?
Hitting my opponent and a rhythm
Every time i get up on it
Ima murder any motherf**er thinking he can test me
On the mic is DNA, Im about to bring the hurt to ya
This is Undaground Choppers (?) Sprite Beatz with an elite group of choppers about to get serving
Youre about to get served by the lyricists murking ya
On the search (?) To become a lyrical murderer
Now im about the rest of choppers speed it up for ya
Holler at me when youre fully recovered from ya surgeraa

(Verse 2: Hurricane)

Chopping aint about people not understanding what you say
Its all about the timing and delivery that you display
When you have a record in your racket and just go away, take it to another level treat it like theres no escape
Giving it all you got ready to split it like a banana
Hit it with hammers, ready to bang on it like blue and red bandannas. you dont need no manager to handle what you doing
Its underground independency that cant nobody ruin
Represent a culture has turned you into a soldier
And youre ready to battle for it until the war is over
If they come any closer to you you goin let them have it, go after them like a savage thats crazy and f**ing rabid
Yawl goin understand me Im a veteran with this
I do it to appease you when Im spitting it this quick
They say that Im different Im a lyrical misfit
Busting like a Tommy till the trigger go click click
Putting them all in a coffin Im ready to bury them I murder music, You wont have a chance to defend yourself when I f**ing lose it! Faggot on the truest
One of the best up out of Kansas City aint nobody f**ing with me
Tech said that very clearly
Why you wanna try to go against the land shark
Everywhere this n***a pop-up is a landmark
I aint playing man I got fans in Denmark
And Alaska to the roll up on you in the dark
This is the part where I make them a victim
Slow it down a little bit and I shove it up in them
I been doing it for years a n***a kicking that wisdom
Never was a snake but Ive been spitting that venom
Mr. ape sh** on the track with them choppers
Them deadly apostles, the verbal Purhanas
Spitting like machetes the lyrical Jeffrey Dahmers
Minus the gay sh** you can get ate quick

(Verse 3: Kamikazi)
When im giving you the venom i love (?)
Underground, never thought id put down like this
Summon off a demon, never sound like this (YEAHH)
Call me the basket case

[ Hook: SplytSecond]
You dont know what it takes to be a chopper (underground)
Chopper, (underground) X4

(Verse 4: K-Fix)
(Fix n***a...)
What youre witnessing is the pinnacle
Of chopping at its finest
Representing Memphis
Its Krucafix up in this b**h im about to k** it
I spit it like heavy ammunition
The pad and the pen is my artillery
You finna see me blow these n***as mind with
On top of the beat its proper execution with my timing combined with impeccable delivery flipping the instrumental when I feel the beat anybody struggling to keep up with the rhythm should consider early retirement
Ive been on my level way before twisting was popular
How could you not acknowledge that Ive mastered the craft?
Hop in the booth and Im rocking the mic and I bet Im a spaz in a flash with the speed of a cheetah
Leave em mad, if we clash
Leave a n***a down bad, when Im mad
Taking off my (?)
Break em off with the [?ma**?], Ima smash
The opposition, point em with the Glock
Im the sickest, and quickest to jigg
When I smash on the gas
Talk in a minute (?)
Leave em wet up with the weapon
Like there showing the sound
And I put it together like veterans
And Im ready for whatever (?) militia thats on the front line
(?) Youre the type to seek up on a n***a one time
(?) Im telling em Im living one time
When Im spitting, theres really aint no motherf**ing punchline
When i be rocking these n******gs and giving them the business
And im thugging and breaking them off with the lyrical heat and sh** and leaving tongue tied
See we colossal, we chopping making it impossible
Hottest, there aint no problem
Hottest up in the in the underground
With my n******gs starving , light em up like a blunt n now
No joke, shoving it down slow (?)

(Verse 5: Splytsecond)
It isnt difficult to get em in the middle
With a little bit of the venom, and hit em all up wit a bullet from a gun
(Lyrical Akuma) SplytSecond is here to show you how its supposed to be done
You gotta be sure that ya rhymes are hot and lyrical before you decide to chop fast wit bars flaming up to melt plastic
As in immediately after u became nothing but a carca**
Put your body into a Deloaren so that you can get past it
Combative hype language, Im honored to be spitting with rappers thatre my favorite
But anybody thats wack I Literally leave him neck less
The chopper that turn another to a Valentines Day gift
Even though You gotta dope

Your barsll be soap y clean youll probably choke
Get your arteries broke I got the blueprint to the chopping in my harmony flow
So an example for all of you is what I gotta be
Itty bitty piranha rappers I catch em in a fisher net
Taking the opportunity I hardly ever get to wreck
You should never diss a set with the Lyrical shenron
In it summon me and youre gonna be granted a wish of d**h in a sec
Connected I wreck it a definite level of intricate syllable schemes Unable to escape a battle it even if it was a dream
Infinity is the number of fish in the sea so even if we murder you on a track there is no benefit
Grabbing a hold of the clavicle snap it in half at a lateral angle
A pivotal moment in history every syllable touching the ear of the listeners
When I be spitting a rhyme and it k** em got all em jumping like Spider-Man off of the side of a building
But on the radio they would a said I was dissing em
On the 2nd Midwest choppers techa n9na said to be intricate but most yall forgot that part cause youre not that smart, in order to go down as mythical you need to be lyrical but you spitting it typical
You dont know

(Verse 6: J-Battle)
Toss a b**h in a bag when im coming hard on a track and attacking em
Breaking em off when im packing a choppa
Da weapon, anybody stepping on up over the mic an im finna slaughter you b**hes, i steady be chopping up da session
Verbally pistol poppin homie
Now somebody finna be dropping up on the motherf**ing floor when J-battle get to spraying
Leaving the holes up in your body
We dropping you like a shotty
Bringing da flows and we get rowdy
We aint motherf**in playing

(Verse 7: Mental cases)
Rip em, Ima k** em, when i get em
When i chop em with the cleaver
People cant compete
With evil in my body, pop a shotty
Hit the moon
(?) Ima murder this beat
(Tha Skeptic)
Dumping with the millimeter, feeling the evil
Keeping it illing cause the feeling so real
Steady trying to keep my sanity still on top of the multiple personalities

(Verse 8: Mizury)
No beat is a hostage i spit toxic; eat em alive when choppin im labeled cautious when k**ing
With a million syllables leaving a verse full and critical cause im an invincible lyrical criminal super upd villain
And i be chopping it up wit the rhythm holding the title of a k**a gorilla
Born in the wild steppin and wreckin any village; godzilla
Go getta in the middle of any season ta deepen the reason of a breathin
Demon beating the weaken; seeking the dream eating the beats to pieces
Ima bad mother chopper dropping the heat and dont ever call me a dreamer cause
This n***a dont believe in sleep
When most be day dreamin believin on what they thank, i be grinding and defining how i eat by murdering 16s
And im wit a team of some beast teethin lookin for some blood and they call me that mizury and ima little bit mizunderstood
And i dont give a damn ill throw a temper tantrum; chucky of the rap game when i put my chucky on
Im tested with the best ta wreck ta rest thats left when taken their breath from they chest when the Midwest chants progress
Making you possessed when spitting venom and the rhythm compress like im a snake striking my prey looking for whos next
Well catch a case when the makin the AK mix wit the base so dont thank we ca-nt; well fill a page and define slaughter
I treat beats like enemies when im bringin the misery and properly murder a verse like a real underground chopper

Tech n9ne decided we to grimey for the world wide wit our fire so he hired a rap god over real monsters
Cuz when it comes to this quick sh**; our tongue spits in tongues b**h cuz will lyrically paint a picture like a author
I load em up when i be uloadin a clip and demolish sh**; my targets aint hard ta miss when i be equipped wit these lips
I take part in hip-hop anonymous stomping like a hippopotamus being confident shaking and breaking ya beds ta wake you up b**h

(Verse 9: Kohn)

(JL of B. Hood)

Concluded it was better for me to stay secluded, what it takes to do it, gotta be the k**er included
Polluted em with fury the realer people are stupid they potent to be diluted i pull up and getting to it
Dynamic i send a mendable pendant pushing the envelope they pull and talk and get in yo face
Tryina pretend that they gon play you on the daily but really not within them, they not comfortable (?) on a different note
n***as extraordinary general we a**embling we deeper we choppin we take the top and we come and get em we gon dominate
(?) keep em on the minimal, confiscate the crown and the crowd has spread the ten of them
Me and my headers hit the scene to show you the pinnacle, hit the weed up everywhere man its making me miserable
I gradually graduated to the roll of the general, criminal agitated with you hoe individuals
Now somebody about to get it cause im in the mood, thickest n***as come and go you know i didnt move
Watch em keep watching my plans i got different views, and i gotta keep washing my hands like im fixing food
Fictional fools sippin the old news, sippin the pro-2s laying sh** that get whole crews
Spitting the flows true from the critics and nobles, women and murderers got a couple of go tos
Let it go just get the top of a ballsack, get to chopping going over the top of your ball cap
Pulling like it was on and again fall back, dont nobody know what it is they never knew what to call that
Chain reacts that brain making the (?), shaking up the cover theres something more when yall rap
Wake of the (?) i get to buzzing what yall lack, break up a happy homie cause your lady just saw that


Look around
Theres somebody keeping a keeper breaking apart, until they believe were
Coming and bringing a beat that we watching em, showing and shoving to up onto
The balls were coming to hurt, and I be making a f**er start breaking and
Stuttering, couldnt believe theyre following thinking “Im sicker breaking
The bottom, f**ing the liberal, look at him target it, look at him ducking it
Making it a pick it up and getting him poignant” Toppin the clip and Im coming
To get em get whatever and Im getting the time and Im packing it all and Im
Making it over when Im making it blow and Im making it part of me, Smoking it
By the jumbo giving the f**ers, Im bringing em all so I can they gotta get
Down when Im bringing em over, breaking that summer, breaking them over
Making it crumble, breaking the coma, making it wickeder, making a master
Making a vision, making him pa**ing it till Im tripping it up with the phone, I
Dont give it, anybody Im sicker and Ill be picking it up, but Ill be taking
The pick and then making a bottle and not giving a f**, Im shaking a bottle
We making em piss and Im making it, how do we be in the bucket and making it
Gotta be backing and backing when Im making em pack it, chopping em over im
Making the slaughtering, Id consider being the blacker making it probable and
Giving a syllable, breaking em over and taking the loss and were taking em
Over, they could not be from them, were f**ing em over, they bringing em
Over, then come in chopping, breaking the possible burning in, making it
Making em taking a busting and making em holler, making em pick it, making em
Pick it, picking it cause Im coming to hit em, sicker than when I come up and was
Hitting up in them, but I thought it wasnt you, hope that were topping the
Clip when I get up, and you cannot believe that were making the ritual, If I
Attack then you will be a ghost, Spitting my wrath and youll eat at your soul when
Youre paying the price thatll equal the most, then you cherish your life cause
We beat you with post, and you thought I was nice but Im evil at home, see the
Best at the Christ when they feel lethal blows, cause we asking the pipe and
Im seeking some more, as hes pa**ing it like you were drinking some dough, he
Was not, he was unconscious breathing was slow

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