Dreamaker - W.w.666

Song Rating: 7.61/10

Song lyrics:

[Music: Albert Maroto, Lyrics: Elisa C. Martin]

Lord of your war
Dont you try to lie to us
Are you God?
This worlds not in your hands
You choke our voice
You poison our minds
You shed their blood on mankind
And you force us to k** once again
To k** again...
Tell me if youll bleed on our side
But... until your last sigh...
Is your army ready to attack?
Die! I dont want to die

You know? My flag is white
Tell me Blind-Man
What are you seeking in our minds?
Well turn against you
In this war that you began
We want a future
Without madness, nor distrust
No! You cant hide
Youll be the first to leave us
Youre the preacher of war
We hear your legions marching on us
Our pride wont fall to the ground
Though youll step on our tears
While you sing a stupid hymn

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