Edward Scissortongue - HF TV - Exclusive Bars

Song Rating: 9.13/10

Song lyrics:

He said, she said something
He said she said the dreams left a deep sense of numbing
He left the scene less becoming
He spent a weeks wedge on repress of ski sledge gumming
He said, she said, something
She said the beef stemmed from weeks spent in East Ends clubbing
He said the scene meant nothing
She said the scene ripped the seams, left the streets red running
He said, she said, speak less, deep breath
Why even try to define what you find from the sky to the seabed?
He said, she said, more of the same old, warm and the grey coals
Mornings of rain, let that boredom decay in the warmth of the rainbow, he
He shoulda known that the deets went deeper
Usually they flew over the nest that the birds left weak at the end of the feature, she
Well she felt dumb cause he felt nothing
Pissed out her mind in the vixen disguise
Put her wisdom aside, was he red sheets f**ing?
He said, she said, she felt, mislead
Left in line with the deaf, dumb and blind
Never testing the tide, never resting to see sense, see
She took steps to appease all the weeks spent
Writhing around in his weak kept secrets
Cycles and cycles of violence and deep s**, f**ing
Laughter and screams from a sleep dead winter
Far from the carnage he started the car
And drove into the night till the fuel gauge blinkered
He, Mr Lay-by sleeper, she, Miss drug-fuelled ether
Calling a man and then calling her man, until the man called back at the door through the peeper
Knock knock, she sniffed lines till he called up
He said why are you still up?
She said come home, he said alright
More of the same just more f**ed
More of the same gore hawked up
More than the great wars chalked up

Walk in the rainpour, sporting a chainsaw
Wars what you came for, based up, see

He said, she never spoke of grief levels
Close to her beliefs heckeled
Sober 50p settled
Broke and on the streets, nestled
Close to a release pedal
Choking on the sweet scent of closure on the beach pebbles
Never, wait in line, the line allows a great divide
To make your mind evasive in the space between a place and time
Where lords are frozen, crystalized
Bubble burst, the splinters fly
Preserving mangled Lister like they curve the juicy bits inside
See he said, she said, nothing like a broken 12
Spinning in the current with a hundred other token girls
She said he lost his marbles way before he dared to delve
Immerselessly violent current surfing to another world
And that was that, that was then
This is now, that was then
Only then, what the fractures meant?
When you dust it down, hes back again
She said she felt like she opened up the guts of hell
The moment she first spoke with him and let him weave his evil spell
Now an hour later she was none the wiser, dumb as hell
She could tell that God was merely shrapnel in the wishing well
I wish you well, she said
From a distant height, he fled
One hundred metre dashes on the street steps
Liquored up and senseless, swinging mag lites tryna see sense
He said, she said, back and forth the weeks went
Chaos in her dreams crept, chasms filled with regret
Summer weeks of sleep debt, winter months of weakness
He said, she said, speak less, deep breath

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:27