Freddy E. - Sca-roll Anthem

Song Rating: 7.83/10

Song lyrics:

Intro: Mhmm, whatever negro (whateverrr)
Youre done, I said youre done (TUH)
You think Im dumb?
I know everything.) Verse: UH UH!
Whos this b**h on your TL?
All I know is you better get that hoe before I go to jail
And if you aint know (guess what),
I been all up in your phone (thats right),
cause you left it unlocked,
damn right I stalked,
Whos Felicia ? MMM, whos Shabria?
whos empty bottle of tequila, IS THIS?
see you sneaky, you playin games
but its coo now boo cause I know all these b**hes names
Go have fun with Tiqua (HOE),
Go f** Shanequa (SLUT),
You ate out Lisa
and that hoe trick Tanisha? You sick. (Gross)
Dont get mad now negro
just cause you got caught
And dont lie bout sh**
cause I screenshot!
Oh, you say you sorry?

Well I dont believe you. (Liar)
You lucky I dont call my older brother
to come over here to beat you
I sure as hell dont need you
Real recognize real boo boo
and I dont see you
And so what if thats the her real hair
Boo I aint trippin
this weave was $53
and look better than her split ends (Duh)
I deserve better anyway
You never listened
So go ahead and be
with them basic b**hes
Theres the DOOR
BYE, good riddance (deuces)
By the way, s** my clit and lose my f**in digits (your useless)
cause you tried to play this b**h, like a b**h dumb
Well guess what negro?
Were DOOOONE (youre cuuut) Were done,
Were done,
I said were done,
Thats right were done
I said were done,
Thats right were done Drop the keys off before you leave
BYE! #teamSingle b**h

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 05:58