Ghetts - Artillery

Song Rating: 7.66/10

Song lyrics:

Ar, Ar-Artillery
So its hard to get rid of me
n***as say Im a marked man but they aint marking me physically
Im a pace setter so Im starting it instantly
Ar, Ar-Artillery
Ar, Ar-Artillery
Ar, Ar-Artillery
So its hard to get rid of me

[Verse 1]
Militant man with a brilliant plan
I might play it innocent hand
Thats a William scam, but not only William can
Pull it off, I can pull off a trillion fam
No fluke, no incident, dont you ever think the only k**er is Cam
Im sicker with a stick than Sam
When hes chasing a buddy letting off a shotgun
There goes another hot one
Its curry woah,you better hurry home
Dumb-dumb sit in dummies bones
Unlucky homes, Im old school like a runny nose
Strap on the stage when I spit
But I dont need that to duppy shows
And Im nobodies hubby so
If you see me with a slutty ho
You know its a quick one like come we go
Back to the war
So many enemies on my case that I cant relax anymore
Theyre all talking nobodys telling me to my face
Maybe cos Im carrying a sword
Deadman walking the cemetery awaits
Im engaged to my gun so Im marrying a whore
Non-stop letting off when I draw
Black bags outside like a charity store
But there aint no clothes in them
Just bodies with holes in them
1, 2, 3 loads of them
4, 5, 6 casket closed for them
7, 8, 9 let me reload again, Im stone cold
My face aint got no emotion and
My foes know when I comes to the beef Im sub-zero
Cos theyre on a frozen ting
Hands in the air when the mandem appear
Sometimes I wake up like damn my career
Im a Scorcher its a ransom affair
There aint a man that I fear
Cos I can make a man disappear
For a grand, be aware
Theres man that would do that; gladly
Keep going on like you dont actually care
And I swear theyll have your whole family scared
Youll see the insanity clear
Picture that like a gallery queer
Forsee the future
Or see the shooter
Surely remove ya
Brain out the back of your head
For feeling super
Like nothin cant dent Clark Kent
Well Ill be the type to attempt

Im Lex Luther, Ill step to ya
World domination, get used to
The fact that Im back and Ima let loose
An atomic bomb the size of St. Lucia
Wait thats an exaggeration
But when it comes to my gun its masterbation
Its bussing and if you dont know
Ill fill a n***a in like an application
This aint American X
But its teeth on the curb, now smack the pavement
Im going on like I cant wait to die:
Yeah well, I never had any patience
Manll be waiting outside in the car
n***as outside of ya yard
I got man parrallel, diagonal and adjacent
All angles
And I got tricks up my sleeve like big Paul Daniels
I dont give a sh** how many n***as your with prick
Theyre all candles
Ill light em up like a lighter does
Your defence aint saying one
Call Campbell, and Rio Ferdinand
But dont think that G wont murder man
Im like fam this aint an act its all actual
sh** that Ive done, sh** that I did
sh** that Im gonna do, sh** that I think
Some man are putting it on its not at all natural
Stop all the bad boy poses
None of you are bad boys
Bad boys know this
You can put a scar on your face and base in your voices
But we know youre still moist b**h
Beef Id rather avoid it, its pointless, but Ive been poisoned
By the manor Ive been living in
Man are on the k**ing ting like we live where the oil is
My bloods boiling
Man wanna wet me up but Ive already been anointed
So my only choice is:
Is take this sh** like a toilet
Or go hard like a coin is
So now Im in deep like oysters
Im looking at certain man (what)
And I can see what the roids did
But Im not gonna take that rout
Skinny n***a with an 8-pack, how? (how?)
Head to knees then lay back down
150 times a day...
Its hard to maintain that wow:
Pump up, tone up, weights in a gym
Gun buck a doughnut straight in the chin
Dumb f**s, roll up, waving a ting
One buss, hold up, blaze in the wind
Never hit anyone or anything
Never hit anything or anyone
Ok check 1, 2 gun to the head (bang)
Paybacks a b**h (bang)
I aint one to forget (bang)
So Ill spray that and split
When forensics got to the scene and saw the wounds
They said It must be a tech
Yeah, must be a tech
Names G-H and Im f**ed in the head

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 15:06