Intifada Beats - Breezy Melon

Song Rating: 7.22/10

Song lyrics:

[First Verse: Huffy]

I Lay between lies and demise
Couldnt tell the difference from the my eyes and the skies
Didnt know whats missing when I dive into lives
Skipping back and forth my soul glows in search of paradise

The paradigm of todays grind
Is a scary find convincing people if your not fast pace then your wasting time
If you nearing last place they try and replace ya mind suggesting mediocritys ok, and your complacements fine

They feeding us the fakest lines
Should we really trust the state well lets take a look back into racist times
Trace they ions back until we see the negativity
Rip them from the fabrics of their linear-gy
Tracing they whole lives till we seem em break bad like skinny p?
Dont you just feel them f**ing feeding off your energy?

f** all the games they play mentally
Im just tryna find balance in the middle where the center be

[Second Verse: Huffy]

So zoned b**h
My soul shines golden like a globe did
My radiant mind the aliens wanna probe it
I tell the beat I love it while I stroke it
Who been pollinating all my bud cause its potent?

Calling all my plugs hoping that they shop open
Tryna breathe the nugs cause when I do I drop molten
Lava if you wanna melt holla
Got the soul composing f**ing products, teaching scholars
So tree like koalas, impeach Obama cause we need balance on the ballots lets elect the Dali lama

We need to know what we had known from the beginning, What we had been before we had been living
Times when we had seen our womb visions
That long time dead, behind the tomb wisdom

Might not now but hope they soon listen, moon visions had me illuminating while Im shroom trippin
Zoom distant...

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:00