JB Bin Laden - On Dave

Song Rating: 8.19/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1 : JB Bin Laden
JB man im in this b**h
Im off the sh**s and in this sh**
I got all my n***as up in this b**h
Chiraq to BK, and Im JAYCRITCH
50 shots in the mac, let me spray sh**
12 snatch us up, bet we aint snitch
A lot of n***as foolin on they lame sh**
So I gotta switch lanes quick
But I still cant change b**h
I got the fans getting at Why the f** JB aint rich?
But that aint gone change sh**
I still post on the same strip
Same n***as same sh**
I want the money and fame b**h
I got thots and a main b**h
I get high, feel brainless
These n***as they nameless, always wanna claim sh**
My lil n***as tameless, always wanna bang sh**
You n***as just lost it
Ball hard, Im exhausted
Tryna get my money large like Halsted
Blowin smoke like a exhaust pipes
Just live the boss life
I kinda wanna watch yalls life
f** yall and yall life
The opps mad cause they lost life

Never in my life i have a n***a thought twice
Off the yops and its all night
Blow a sack but its all right
Cause im gonna get it all back
And show these n***as they all wack
All I know is bands, no friends, just tryna get more bands
And its f** a b**h, no romance
Me and bankrolls we hold hands
These n***as, I dont do no plan
Well slide and do a drill on your land
Shooting both of hands, gettin lined up, you and yo mans
Now he pourin out the line up
Thats why Im yellin Free The Guys for
And im LA GANG b**h, thats why I drop my Ys for
? so keep your eyes up, 9 tucked
Snakes in disguise bruh
You aint really trynna die bruh
But anyway, n***a dont mind us
Cause its real on the drive bruh
I aint lyin bruh
A lot of shells flyin by ya
Bullets burn like fire
Cant f** with a liar
Cause that mean you fake
These n***as wearing wires, they the motherf**in jakes
And im still droppin rakes on the block all day
Turn a n***a to a day
And my car look like the bat-mobile, and crib look like the cave
On Dave

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 13:51