Jendor - Send For Dot Rotten

Song Rating: 7.70/10

Song lyrics:

I Heard Youre A Snake Dot
And A Fake Dot
I Heard You Stole Your Name From K Dot
You Aint Heavy In The Place Dot
Man Threw Peri Peri In Your Face Dot
I Dug You Up So I Can Bury Your Rotten Corpse Again
Tell The World How You Snaked Out Your Friends b**h
You Wanna Sound Like Dot? Buy Master Writer From WH Smith
Everybody Knows That NE Put Out Your sh**
You Werent At The Funeral sh**
Everybody Knows That Ima True OG And I Will Bury You If You Try Diss My Clique Trust
Tell Them Why Your Teeth Is Chipped, (Why?)
He Chipped It Off On Mz Bratts Punani
The Other Halfs Still In There Somewhere
Youre A Waste Dot
Tell Bratt Stop Sitting On Your Face Dot
Youre A Dusty Kid, You Stink Anyway
But Tell Em Why You Never Wanna Come To The Field Dot (Bluupppppppp Dickhead)
Thats How I Feel Dot
I Wanna Tell Ya How I Feel Dot
On The Real I Wanna Hit Ya With A Magnum Still
Everybody Knows That When Im Around Youre Not Ill Dot
Everybody Knows I Got The Gattering Sound And I Will k** Dot
Youre Not On My Level, Youre Not Real Dot
Im Your Farda, I Go Harder
I Will Not Lose Like Shaun Carter
Keep Talking sh** On Twitter
He Dont At Me Coz Hes Not Following
Think Its Sweet, Itll All Turn Bitter
One Bang Will Turn Your Face All Twist Up
Anywhere I See You Around Dot With No Cameras, Done Know That Youre Gonna Get Fist Up
Aint No Bad Boy, You Aint No (??)

One Headbutt Bust Both Of Your Lips Up
Plus Youre A Loner, You Would Gets Rips Up
Bare Slaps In The Face, Tell A Man Fix Up
Of The Them Make Sure Your Jaw Side Lift Up (Bluuppppppp)
Jaw Side Twist Up, Make A Jaw Side Lift Up
Why? Here We Go Again, On A Real Again, This p**yholes Gonna Get k** Again
Are You Ready Then? Coz Im Ready For The War, Whenever Youre Ready But I Know You Aint Ready For The Jen
Im A Warbringer, And A Jaw Swinger
Im Deranged In The Brain, Youre A Pop Singer
We Can Have It Out, I Can Knock Him Out
Have Man Planking Like A Left Winger
He Does Straight Pop, No Grime In It
Youre A Sell Out, And We Aint Buying It
We Know Youre Fake Now, Stop Trying It, Stop The Lies Right Now, Stop Denying It (Bluuppppppp)
Pull Some Of That, DOT, Dickhead On Track
Im Unprecedented, Leave Your Career Written Off Not Dented
Got My War Face On, Black Camouflage, All Black Everything, Lay Down Everything, Take Down Everything
And Hit You In The Jaw And Put You On The Floor And Have You Knocked Out Like Ketamine
Dont Let Him In, Jens A Gremlin
Im At The Door At The Keyhole Looking In
Ill Lift Off Dots Head Like Anthony Hopkins
Right Now, Dots Looking For A Way Out
Looking Everywhere, Looking For The Big Pay Out
Gone Too Far, The Ball Got Pushed Way Out
I Dont Wanna Play Games, I Dont Wanna Play Out
I Just Wanna Write Sick Bars I Can Spray Out
Now Im On Point, I Can Spit A Blu Ray Out
I Dont Really Care About None Of Dots Goons
Coz None Of Dots Goons Are Real
Lick Dots Head Off The Steering Wheel, When I Set On The Riddim, Riddim Gets Wheeled
Lick Dots Head Off The Bludclart Speaker, You Done Know I Will Take It Deeper, Yeah Deeper

(What You Saying Dot, Lets Have It Out Yeah, Lord Of The Mics 3, Lets Do This Ting)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:29