JT Woodruff - Where Can I Stab Myself in the Ears

Song Rating: 8.39/10

Song lyrics:

I guess I could have sent a letter from the road
With words that always meant more than updates on the phone
The signals fading fast and the ink is running out
The words look good in pen, but sound better from my mouth

Please, hold me tightly
I dont care if I can breathe tonight
Forget these lungs, their jealousy
Im burning out, but I cant leave this all behind
Behind your back talking like knives and I can hardly breathe

Sharpen your tongue the rest of your life
Like I cannot believe anything that you say…


So youre the fire and Im the water
I am the balance and you are the color
I wont forget you when were not together
This is the ending, heres my surrender


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 13:18