Juicy J - All I Need (One Mo Drank)

Song Rating: 8.24/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Juicy J]
(All I need is)
Uh huh, you know what it is
(All I need is)
You aint gonna trust yo b**h after tonight
Uh huh, Imma make her whore out

[Hook x2: K. Camp]
All I need is one more drank, two more blunts, three more b**hes
Four more zips, five more minutes
All I need is one more drank, one more drank
All I need is one more drank, one more drank

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
All I need is one more skank, dirty p**y, s** my dick
Scary movie, I let her use me, all in her mouth
My dick in her booty, we all on the couch, the cameras is out
And she say she a virgin, b**h, shut the f** uuupp!
Im bout my bread, gettin throwed, gettin blowed
Gettin trippy, gettin lit on these hoes
f** em slow, in my cup, Colt .45, high as f**
Twenty dab, hundred for the thousand dollar tab
Conjure my cab

[Hook x2: K. Camp]

[Verse 2: K. Camp]
Look, all she need is one more shot, that b**h lit, you can tell
Put this package, in yo box, you got mail
Smoke one more, touch that cloud, this that loud
That lil b**h, she get active, she get wild

We turnt up, too much liquor you cant hold me
Liked her pic, f**ed her friend, now she know me
Drop my top, out that roof, thats that Rollie
Girl dont play, Im right here, you gon show me

[Hook x2: K. Camp]

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Damn I miss the 90s, yeah sh** was wild
We was livin like rock stars, droppin Mystic Styles
Aint nobody else believe in what we was puttin down
n***a almost homeless trying to get it off the ground
No support everybody thought we never be sh**
Tryna start our own label on some Master P sh**
Tryna get some distribution majors labels aint feelin us
Doors slammed in our face, still aint givin up
Still on the grind, still on the rise
Even had to sell my whip to pay for studio time
Made a name, made some change, got respect, got some fame
Now they love our sh**, cuz we made our own lane
Tryna sign everybody, put some money in their pockets
Had a ball on the rug, every night we had it poppin
They aint hold us down, did it on our own
With our backs on da wall, we put plaques on the wall
Then the problems started picking up, posse start splitting up
People started switching up, we still not giving up
I love them though, we been through it all
Theyre my brothers though, now thats some real sh**
We werent always rich, we didnt have a pot to piss
Hustle harder than a b**h, slanging records like they bricks
From the ground to the throne, its been a hell of a trip
Bring me one more drank, while I sit and reminisce

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