Lex Garcia - (Day 500) Sing Yourself to Sleep

Song Rating: 8.81/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Breaking gla** breaking answers
Thinking fast sinking faster
Couple wet dreams but a couple more nightmares
Leaving eyes watery cause some fights arent clear
Not how they started but neither how they finished
But why they continue and how their hatred flourished
Same room different world... check
Sipping fumes from some girls... neck
Same lies different ways
Shed ask why but rather play
The only game she ever knew... life
A fool having fun with no revenue... right
What you dont know cant hurt you
Close your eyes before curfew
Lipstick on his shirt but you havent kissed
But youll ignore it til the bliss hits

Sing yourself to sleep

[Verse 2]
Well you could catch him sitting on top of his ignorance
Catch her stabbing looking for gut in her abdomen
6 pack of excuses, bottles remained messageless
Signed pacts that were truthless promises drawn imageless
And during fights theyd draw blood out each other
To know who was right never truly even mattered
Seeing red feeling blue thinking black
Everything turns grey when you losing track
Driving each other crazy
Low commotion maybe
Traffic jamming daily
Saturation shady
Automatic good mornings
And all the blank stares stay roaming
In search of fulfilled reflections
In a split bed like sections
Of unvisited souvenir stores
With memories you cant even afford

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:07