Logan hugueny-clark - Origins the Musical

Song Rating: 9.28/10

Song lyrics:


World War 1, I hear echoes with screams for brains, brains, brains
We must run, from Mech feet they crash down like rain, rain, rain

Turn on generators, do it sooner than later, to drink your lifesaver and survive zombie neighbors
Activate the tank, fill these holes with planks, zombies we must shank, going back to the...

Number 115 is the number of the element that started this scene
Northern France!
In 1918 all the soldiers turned to zombies like a horrible dream
3 giant robots, a thousand feet tall theyre not hard to spot
We gotta k** that Panzer Soldat, gotta k** him someway, gotta take a shot

We gotta pack-a-punch, if we dont upgrade soon well be zombie lunch
Elemental staffs!
They different, but nonetheless they all kick zombie a**
Grab yourself a spade, dig up a Ray Gun or zombie or live grenade
Or dig up zombie blood and use it to stay incognito in a big zombie parade

Group 935 are responsible for making every zombie alive
We all must strive to acquire all the staffs and we must survive
I hear Samanthas voice, the demonic announcer playing us like toys
Can we find a way to break this curse and free ourselves from these Origins!?

Freya, Odin and Thor, theyll stomp you on the floor
Can you please check your score? Need you to open this door
We have to follow this man, so we can escape this land
Now here are the steps, not one we can forget

Turn the generators on, open the Crypt and make the staffs so strong
Put the staffs in the Mechs, find the footprints then fill up the Soul Chests
Find and purify the stone slabs, Maxis Drone will release the Panzer Soldats
k** them all, shoot the invisible plane, then retrieve the Maxis Drone again

Use the Thunderfists, make the zombies in your way wish they didnt exist
Put the staffs in that Crazy Place, then this nightmare we will all escape

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:36