M.anifest - Finish Line (Remix)

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Song lyrics:

Dee-Money β€” Finish Line RMX

I tell my n***as we gon get it
I put that on my mama like the diamond necklace
For a home like me, losing aint an option
An original popping off so I had to do a remake

[VERSE 1:Dee Money]
Okay Im new maroon in my category
Guess why they hating on me
n***a put no hand out take no favourites
Theyre no sh** for me
King sh**, lil n***a on some king sh**
Big wheels, rode for deals
Seeing a n***a with a big b**h huh
Holla, these rap n***as really aint sh** to me
I came up and I dey f** the game up
Change what and now sh** aint me
Who you know be the youngest n***a
Got a record label in this industry
Got your favorite ex in that range rover
Took her back to the crib now its game over
Small boy danger
The girl dem are poom poom breaker
Lock off the rave say me better than them
Bad man try me a hundred shots at them
Swag just awesome
And they envy Cos Im flyer than a falcon
I dont jump on no band wagon
I just come thru in that G-wagon
f** boys, all I see is f** boys
Lay their lives for this rap sh**
And they turn thier back, some f** bullsh**
Ghana with no DeeMoney
You know that sh** sound wack
Keep talking smack and let my boys in black thru Like (blac-blac-blac-ra-ta-ta)

[VERSE 2:Paedae]
Do you wanna know if we better than these veteran rappers
That rap about things they never done
Just for relevance
We elegant oh flow so heavy
Call it and elephant, yet so holy
Like were in ramadan
God bless our motherland
Do all we can we aint settling for less
We wrestling who badder than the best
Dee Moneey, tell em we dont joke we aint funny
Its sunny where we from
We make all the work, work work dem a port
We no dey watch bugs bunny
Dead would be better better than a fella whos from the wu-tang era
Flow so clever
You never say never but I promise I would never ever play sekefedo
Or be a lame follower to a trend setter

So make you no dey envy brother man-a
You for dey hustle my buddy understand (work work)
Life no be easy so you for take a chance
And when the money come clear
Bans go make her dance
Say right here we ball
Right here we ride
Right here we grind
Homie till we die
Bans go make her dance
Say right here we ball
Right here we ride
Right here we grind
Homie till we die

[VERSE 3:Ice Prince]
Im laced up and Im feeling alright
Ace cups six packs on Ice

Yh, no be say na me holy pa** o
Man dem just feeling alright
Dee moneey, these f** boys still hating on a n***a
Im out here still waiting on drigga
You know what they say my n***a more money more hater
But amma put the breast in the hole like a f**ing vibrator
They gonna shake, they gonna dance archada
They go dey vex I go dey top my radar
They go dey sweat I go dey drive Maserati
I go dey cruze I go be life of the party
And, back to the Genesis I am
That real G in the book
I be the rapper and I be the singer
Zamani king of the hooks

Nowadays when they see me dem craze
Look at my face and look at your face
Its easy to differentiate
Abi shey you dey craze
Your mama your papa your sister your brother theyre looking at me
Versace and Gucci dey make you dey wanna go brooklyn on me
Say I am the catalyst, I am the battery
f** ridiculous
I am the character life is a clip
And were up in the cinemas
I call the Messiah, to fire the film has actually been in us
So now we be busting the flow and the fan is a actual zeal in us

[VERSE 4:Reminisce]
Te anybody loju mole when I pull up in a benz
f** with the same n***as omo no new friends
Shoutout sawon temi ni Brussels, Lu Ven
Keskila holla back maami oti pe
Fo lekun yen wole, pelu paa Liu Kang
Temole release e, oya show you can
Getting high in the booth
Dee moneey call in the troop
Won loti gbon Ghana, reminisce is the truth
West Africa connect, ECOWAS lawa
Ibile pow pow!, Ecomug niwa
Aint worried bout nothing ibo na tiwa
Malo galivant ole lo mu foti wa
All I wanna do is get that money
Search that money
Spend some of that money then get more money
To ba possible maami wanna f** that money
Ibon meji lowo, Im chasing f** boys from me
Oma dawun loju e, you better dont go funny
Wa o tete explain what the f** yall want from me
Tete communicate
Ko to di po ma di late
Ko sare f** boy bi omo moti ti gate


[VERSE 5:M.anifest]
You for make bygones be bygones
Tell bystanders I be icon
From east to west Ive been beast on this
No size no guy gets my form
I swear dee I no dey hear when the mics on
Choc city prince got my ice on
Obi rene gen, obi no pito
Obi chini truck, obi su chi pijo
Me a dey Joba juada to samedi
For envy success the best remedy
Eyo fa, eni nu eni
Eyo tipe neme, for a rap eni
Etode bia nemi yakupo din komo
Thanks for the vim
I go finish mine on the finish like
I go finish mine on the finish line

[OUTRO:Dee Money]
Nge noko noko fi tako
Onowo nie mi noko bie, amila kapo
Ame ke ame fi atanpa
Eko nibe, moko be

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