Marvel - If I Die Today

Song Rating: 8.41/10

Song lyrics:

If I die right now
Would you go and tell the truth or would you lie right now?
Like a coward sending flowers every hour to my home
Strictly disregard the fact, that you left me here alone
I just wanted to help, but my effort aint enough
You scrutinizing a life, like who can you trust?
Every man has a rise, but neglected he will fall
If I die right now, heres a message for all

[Chorus: MARVEL]
Yeah, and if I die today
Could you say that you lost a friend?
Could you say that you were with me to the bitter end?
Yeah, mmm, uhh
And if I die today
I hope the lord will help me find my way
And if I die today, could I have this last dance?
The world dont always offer you a chance

Are you my enemy? Or are you a friend of me?
Are you who you pretend to be? Are you lying for empathy?
Will you speak on intentions, or will you remember my energy?
Or disguise your own jealousy with a lack of a memory? See
All my life, I just wanted to make somebody proud
They never take the time to love you less the lord takes you out
They never see your pain, unless they see you dead
So maybe if I die this will get into your head, instead

[Chorus: MARVEL]


Do you love me, do you love me not?
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me not? (I dont know) x3

Do you love me, do you love me not?
Because it seems like love, is all we got (YEAH!)

And lately I just dont know where to go
I wore my heart up on sleeve to bleed, but then it froze
I seek for peace, but the people see me in a mask
Its so hard moving forward when they choke you by your past
Whether you, by my side or against me where you standing
Dont attempt to take advantage or ever take me for granted
I could die any minute, damn it, you can be next
Intolerant, lost of confidence, and wallow regret

So if I die right now and I proceed to my d**h
I hope youve said everything you need off your chest
And if you never talked to me, you stalked but never walked with me
Dont try to bother my coffin after Im tossed in it
Many nights, lost in thought under that soft linen
Thinking about life like what if I wasnt brought in it?
If I die right now, yall would tweet about it
Then a month later, wouldnt even speak about it

Everybody lives and dies
But to love someone is to love em when they lie
Im dead


Dead to the world
I just end it no hesitance
They say, cherish your life
Because d**h is inevident
That, heaven awaits...
But where is the evidence?
They say that, god watches over
And judge they benevolence
But, whats good actions? How we know that we saved?
I rather die a f**ing loser than live life as a slave. (YEAH!)

Than live life as a slave...
Dont send me to my grave
Yeah, if I die today


If I die today
If I die today
If I die today (ohhh)
Wonder what my friends and my family say
If I die today
If I die today


Would you care about my absence? I dont really know
Feel like thats the only way your feelings really show
Really though, if I werent breathing whod remember me?
You never cared, we never shared that type of synergy
Any weapon made from man cant condemn my soul
Got above it, gotta love it, yet Im still alone
Lone wolf in the gossip of the sheep
Dig my grave up in a heap
Life and d**h aint play for keeps
Stay a reap
My caucus is an artist with the hardest
Thats regardless of who fear me cause Im definitely heartless
Hell looking at me as Im staring at the heavens
I see life in virtues I should try and seek the reverend
I guess Im distant cause I always did behave
Maybe Ill make more of an impression in the grave. Look
If I die today, this is for the girl that broke my heart
Or that n***a Kane that kicked my a** with no regard
Or my demons that be trynna see me all distraught
Or those jerks in middle school who didnt know I fought
For my acceptance in a world I couldnt fathom
Seek the tree of knowledge I am neither Eve nor Adam
Maybe yall had company while I was left to fapping
Or we dont got the same amount of people double tapping. But
Let it hit you the proverbial a**a**in
I aint asking what Im asking
Heres my casket:
Dont forget me when Im gone

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 19:39