Meek Mill - The Plug

Song Rating: 9.37/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Papi & (Meek Mill)]
Hello (Yo)
Meek que hay papi (Whats good?)
sh**, llego eso (Come on man)
Veinte (Come on man, that aint right)
Quince (Imma come holla at you in person, papi)
Vamos donde tu estas yo voy pagado ahora
(Meet me on the northside - 23rd and Berks, man)
(Imma be right here wit it) Dalé

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Word to my son man I dont let them see the monster in me
Load my 30, leave the crib and bring that choppa with me
I run them streets and make it home soon as my momma hit me
Put my son to sleep and right back to the drama quickly
Papi said he got them bricks and we gon take em down
I call Omelly bring them shooters, we gon break it down
He said he coming and he coming in with 80 pound
We finna line a n***a up and we gon take em down
Hello (Dimelo?)
Papi where you at? (En camino)
He said its in and Im like Papi bring the set
He brought his shooter, Imma prolly bring the MAC
I spent my money on a lawyer and its time to get it back
I got n***as in the bushes and they lurking
Young n***as barely legal but they murking
I hit them with the Desert Eagle and its curtains
Imma shoot him in his head cause I heard that n***a working

[Interlude: Omelly & (Man)]
Hey pap man, whats the deal man?
Its Omelly, whats poppin? (Whats up cool?)
Aint sh** chillin. Ay but look tho, I got a sting for us
(Get the f** outta here! Whats the score?)
Omelly: 80 joints n***a (80 joints?!)
Meek connect man (Get the f** outta here. Papi?!)
Yeah man, just bring the ladders man
(Are you kidding me? Say no more man, Im on my way)

[Verse 2: Omelly]
Riding four deep, on my way to Meek
Said he got a lick for us, know this n***a sweet
Said he got 80 jawns, who to call but me?
So I called my dogs, cause my dogs gotta eat
Let him off the leash now its time to feast

Got McDonalds money but Im tryna eat Philippes
Tired of all this drought sh**, this broke sh** aint me
If this sting go right, its gon put me on my feet, where I need to be
I aint lying Meek, this n***a move, Im leaving him
I got some loose cannons and they all agreeing with me
Black glove, black hoodies, I brought the team with me
Black strap, MAC-10, brought the machines with me
Now we slidin down the North, to 23rd and Berks
Cause Papi he got that work
Young hitters they with me, they tryna murk
I just tell them chill we gon take him for what he worth

[Interlude: Papi & (Young Breed)]
Yo, these f**ing mama bichos. These f**ing cocks**ers
(Whats up papi? Talk to me)
They tryna set me up huh? (Who?)
They tryna take my gold (Who?! Who want problems?!)
Oh no papi. Not today
I need you here (Its too easy)
I have a ticket waiting for you in Miami International
And Breed, one more thing...Dios me lo bendiga
(Im ready to eat baby. Lets get it)

[Verse 3: Young Breed]
Yeah, ay
Load up the AK and the mothaf**a MAC-11
Hundred thangs to a dope boy, f**ing blessing
Hit up Boobie told him meet me on 183rd
Funny how 187 get your boy hundred burst
Bang, Dade County n***as aint a game
We call them sticks missed calls they gon let em ring
SKs I gotta grind every month n***a
My new shooter I aint prayed in a month n***a
Got the double, lit em all, you know I M once
Told them bring back all the paper in 10 tons
See all the boys selling dope just a day job
We dropping bodies how they really pay the bill boy
So papi how you want it? Body bag, Closed casket, keep it clean, let them live, bring back all the dope and cash?
Paper right, on sight, thats just how it go
Tell them how you want it papi, matalo! (k** it)

[Outro: Papi]
I told these mama bichos not to f** wit me
Esto es Self Made 3 papa, and this is The Plug
Griselda Blanco lives, Griselda Blanco lives

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