Migos - On Us

Song Rating: 7.85/10

Song lyrics:

[Pre-Hook: Quavo]
Its party at my mansion, we got drinks on us
Its a party, bring the gas, we got on us

[Hook: Quavo]
Got gas, got molly, got lean, got pills, got racks on racks on us
Its party at my mansion, drinks on us
I like the way she dance and you need to come with us
Its 1017 Brick Squad, we got everything on us
On us, on us, on us, on us, on us
Its a party at my mansion, drinks on us

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Its a party at my mansion, pull up in a Panoramic
Im pourin up promethazine, codeine, Imma drug addict
Look at him with all them chains on
Dont f** with him, might get rained on
Meet the plug in Hong Kong
Im back and forth like Ping-Pong
Run with the money like Priest Holmes
All yall n***as some peons
Your b**h got me on a ringtone
I call the plug and get three zones
I smoke em up cause Im paranoid

My gla**es on, they Tom Ford
My blunt long, extension cord
Got gas got lean and everybody know it

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Imma real trap n***a
Surrounded by pistols and k**as
Sellin that dope thatll k** ya
Itll have you lookin like Michael from Thrilla
You still buying bottles of liquor
Im coppin that lean by the liter
Im smoking on reefer
Show love to my people, pull up in the Lotus, I look like a creature
Got cash on me, no Visa
My diamonds wet, Aquafina
Got molly, got gas, got zan
I whip the coke, cool it with the fan
All the j**elry on us
n***as gon plot to run up
Not sayin that I cant get touched
But run up and watch you get bust

[Hook: Quavo]

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