Mosi and TeWo - Clairvoyance

Song Rating: 8.27/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: TeWo]

Yo, Im limitless
So I probably will not finish this
Yall look at me like Jesus, I do not see the resemblance
Im a sinner, yes
And Im little stressed
But even if I lose this round youd have to say I did my best
Im not a winner yet
Ive took my share of Ls, please
TripleRRR has been inspired by k**er Mike and El-P
Ever since they dropped the first of their two LPs
Me and Mosi always known to tear it up on Els beats
I get distracted often
Somethings always on my mind
Usually a woman
And thats probably my most honest rhyme
My Sun sign is Libra
Im balancing scales in the sky
My Moon sign is Taurus
And my rising sign is Gemini
A mix of Air and Earth, Im an unmovable force
Im breaking up with negativity, the truest divorce
And I love being insane, I feel like losing my grip
I was sent to change the world, its my duty to spit
So, light a blunt or spark a bowl
This song is for the artists soul
You harbor gold within
Dont let your mistakes make you dark and cold
My heart is free and loving
My mind is keen and cunning
My linguistics on another level, I dont need no money
I got music in my blood stream
These lyrics flow through me
I got every single emotion packed in to me, like a movie

I drop Lucy just to soothe me
And teach myself the ways
Thank the Universe for the saturation of love unto my brain

[Verse 2: Mosi]

An introverted rapper, Capricorn, yes it is me
Ive been in love with the sound of hip hop since I was like three
Or maybe even earlier as far as I remember
All I know is the sound of music is my blissful pleasure
Didnt know for a while
That my soul is bright like sunshine
It took one time, one tab right there and then I saw the gold mine
Light, life, fate, d**h, destiny, and darkness
I have the knowledge to fill the Earth with love, it is my target
Cannot forget all thats happened
But we can construct the new
In these darkest times, the brightest light there is, its really you
Tell me who has the power to command your ever single action
Only you, God, so get up and get it for the moments pa**in
Here the pa**ion in my words
Bringing chaos to the mind
I sparked a thought, the revolution will not televise
And you can tell the wise that Im a youngen and an elder
But the scrolls wont help, look within for the better
You, your majesty, you are and yes I am as well
Let me tell you about myself, a little more than toking Ls
But theyre always big and Im running the j**els just for the fun
Turning it up like Danny, sipping the pineapple, 151, Malibu rum
And Im k**ing mics like a Pharoahe
That really be a zombie
So Im Monching all the souls
An Indigo who very Godly
But in spite of what I just said I spread peace because I care
If I didnt, then with this craft, I would have nothing to share

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 03:35