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Mario Kart racing game series is a staple in Nintendos line-up of video games. This spin-off is a kind of its own. A Mario Kart game has appeared on many of Nintendos systems since the SNES. Super Mario Kart was the first Mario Kart game ever released, and now were at Mario Kart 8. Game Modes Grand Prix There are two different versions of the Grand Prix the player can participate in. The Nitro Grand Prix and the Retro Grand Prix. The Nitro Grand Prix section of the Grand Prix contains sixteen brand new courses, where as the Retro one houses remastered courses from previous games. One has to beat a cup, starting from the Mushroom Cup or the Shell Cup, to unlock the next set of races. Each cup ups the difficulty of the rival racers and the courses get longer. Time Trial Every Mario Kart game features a Time Trial mode. In this mode, players race through the set amount of laps for each course to achieve the fastest time of completion they can. Players usually start out with Triple Mushrooms. Time Trials in Mario Kart 8 can be shared online with other players and, like other gameplay, can be uploaded to YouTube. You can also try to be others time by racing their ghost. If you are to beat somebodys fastest time, you will receive a Miiverse sticker. Battle Mode The verse mode in Mario Kart has changed significantly. Instead of being in an arena like place, your drive around on the same courses you race on in the Grand Prix. They have everything all the other races have in terms of items. The objective is the same, as you play to remove our opponents balloons through the use of damaging items. Features Anti-Gravity Anti-gravity is one of the newest features to the game and was best shown off. Through special parts of the race courses, your automobile will be able to ride along surfaces you usually would not be able to race on, such as the side of a building. It adds more to the game itself, as new strategies are awakened to maintain your position as the Mario Kart champion. Kart Customization Kart customization is not a new feature, but improved and new to the home based console counterparts of Mario Kart. There are 36 different parts divided into 3 different categories; bodies, tires and gliders. Aside from looking cool and being a great way to show off what embodies you as a race, they actually serve to impact your kart stats. Whether is be to boost your speed at the expense of handling or sacrificing the strength of your mini-turbo to drive faster underwater and during anti-gravity, this is a key to victory. Interactive Obstacles Like previous installments in the series, Mario Kart has interactive objects on the track that the races take place. From the Giant Egg on Yoshi Valley to the Goombas that parade on any and every track they can. The twist this time around is, in anti-gravity mode, when you hit another racer or certain objects, you spin around and you perform a short burst of speed. List of known Playable Characters Lightweights Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Peach Baby Daisy Baby Rosalina Toad Toadette Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Lakitu Wendy O. Koopa Larry Koopa Lemmy Koopa Mediumweights Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Yoshi Ludwig von Koopa Iggy Koopa Heavyweights Bowser Donkey Kong Wario Waluigi Rosalina Metal Mario Pink Gold Peach Roy Koopa Morton Koopa Jr. Mii* List of known Racing Courses Nitro Courses Mushroom Cup Mario Kart Stadium Water Park Sweet Sweet Canyon Thwomp Ruins

Flower Cup Mario Circuit Toad Harbour Twisted Mansion Shy Guy Falls

Star Cup Sunshine Airport Dolphin Shoals Electrodrome Mount Wario

Special Cup Cloudtop Cruise Bone Dry Dunes Bowsers Castle Rainbow Road Retro Courses Shell Cup Moo Moo Meadows Mario Circuit Cheep Cheep Beach Toads Turnpike

Banana Cup Dry Dry Desert Donut Plains 3 Royal Raceway DK Jungle

Leaf Cup Wario Stadium Sherbet Land Melody Motorway Yoshi Valley

Lightning Cup Tick-Tock Clock Piranha Plant Pipeway Grumble Volcano Rainbow Road DLC Pack 1 Egg Cup Yoshi Circuit Excitebike Arena Dragon Driftway Mute City

Triforce Cup Warios Gold Mine Rainbow Road Ice Ice Outpost Hyrule Circuit DLC Pack 2 Crossing Cup Baby Park Cheese Land Wild Woods Animal Crossing

Bell Cup Koopa City Ribbon Road Super Bell Subway Big Blue Items Items are a key element in the Mario Kart series. They can be a determining factor in a race. They can either help you get in first place with the use of a Bullet Bill, or you losing that position because of a Blue Shell. So far, there are four new items and sixteen returning items. Fire Flower Lightning Star Super Horn Bullet Bill Bob-omb Mushroom Triple Mushrooms Golden Mushroom Banana Triple Bananas Crazy 8 Coin Boomerang Flower Piranha Plant Green Shell Triple Green Shells Red Shell Triple Red Shells Blue Shell Blooper DLC Mercedes Benz x Mario Kart 8 The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing x Mario Kart 8

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