Party Arty - Get Dirty

Song Rating: 9.22/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1: Party Arty

Yo Im the dream
Something like Houston with Akeem
My team, win or lose, crews with the cream
Now playa-haters wanna take it to the extreme
Yall cats could eat a dick like Idi Amin
See me I mean, I spit a whole round at ya derby
Call me Shame, cause Im Low, Down and Im Dirty
For the name
Cause cant no man stop the props or call me herby
Cause when my hand cocks the Glock I get dirty
GD, bond is where my word be
See me, then they name James then you aint Worthy
To beat me
We be, dwellin in the ghetto
Dont f** with rock-n-roll still we hold heavy metal
And bring it to you on every level
My crew very thorough
Pa** the heavy shovel, Imma bury every devil
I done f**ed in every telly, and every borough
And give me head and give me bread Shally to Sheryll
Word bond, Im gettin dirty on
Any song you heard me on
With AG and the dirty don

Chorus: AG & D-Flow

What yall n***as know about gettin dirty?
Its ShowB.I., AG-I
Party and Flow
Bacardi and Mo
We gettin dirty - repeat 5x

Verse 2: AG

It aint a mystery why they likin us
We make the tightest stuff
You aint as nice as us
Cause you dont write enough
Light it up, and represent for my block
While I rock like Charles Duntan
Spit and hit the dutchman
Hypnotize ya chick with the 6-nothin-nothin
Got my Spanish mommy rollin somethin
Definitely holdin somethin
Should have been on the flow goin down 5th Ave
With a big a**, but no
Gotta caught whiplash
Back to this poem
Tone, told me to drop on ya b**h-a**
Dont get it f**ed up

I whip a**
The aim is to get cash
To blame is the Giant and the sick a**
We be bugged
Mix the hydro with the cocoa-bud
GD-slug to the head
Cause yall n***as dont show no love
Hoes bug on my crib
Half my team did bits
All but me got kids but treat theirs like my own
Imagine when Im blown
Feed em at my home
Go big feast
Like Im runnin sh** in the Mid-East

We get dirty
We gettin dirty - 4x

Verse 3: D-Flow

While yall cats pretendin yare smart
Were flossin in a clark?
Toss ten in ya heart
In the game swimmin with sharks
We get dirty dog
Yall n***as couldnt swim in the swambs
Now tell me how you a thug and never been in the Bronx?
The style you frontin, well its quite old
And your so-called platinum watch is white gold
n***as be tryin to snipe Flow
Cause I be in the flyest affairs
With trash yall be dyin to wear
Me and my chick blowin lye in the air
You wack, vicious
While us rap n***as attract b**hes
Stack figures and let the feds snap pictures
We black n***as, creepin all on your set
Ball till Im wet
Watch how many cats, falls on my tec
Lyrical threat, cause you sound on the chest step?
And give me a reason yous my eye in a vest?
If I ever go broke its because I aint invest
Puff a pound of indo, be in the limo thats stretched
Ya rap sheet expired
Think ya sweet cause Im quiet
That real sh** I supply it
Fake n***a, you get ya face wired
74 n***as straight riot
Dirt done
And if you heard I aint spit, n***a you heard wrong

Chorus till fade

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