Pharrell Williams - AFTERMATH (Alright Remix)

Song Rating: 8.31/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced by Pharrell Williams & Sounwave]

[Intro: James The Monarch]
Oh it aint over motherf**ers
We bouta make the next f**ing hit

[Verse 1: James The Monarch]
When am I gonna gonna make it to the floor seats
Poor me
Gotta shoot and steal to score and make more heat
So high I cant see the street no more
So high my hands touching gods feet so more
n***as put to the side like a deep cold sore
Oh sure
Switch ya flow more
So more
And slow more
Go forth
Go shore
Oh yours
And show more
Show the world
Your behind James like a closed door
(f**, Yo can we start it from the top real quick)
Said your behind James like a closed door
Sorry to say that this young snot nose more
Sorry to say
That your starting to play
So Im sorry the spray
Is quickly heading your way
So I dont really care if your heads in the way
Cuz your paper kinda dry like you drawn a blank
And Im starting the think
That it might be the ink
You pa**ed my way cuz Im starting to sync in
And link in into my thoughts
My minds not together but connecting the dots
Really gathers thoughts
And I think of the yachts
And I think of who stopped me
Not me
I got me
Burning paper when I spark trees
Pans and pot steam is the only way they got me
Sheesh sh**
Man can he spit
Coughing out lines it demand that he sick
Flow hurts the beat like van dam when it kicks
I ran the track hard and got banned from the sh**
No forks I gotta use my hands for this sh**

Canibal sh**
Im an animal b**h
And Im handling sh**
You couldnt handle this sh**
If you and Kyrie Irving were to swap handles and sh**
Im still a cavalier
I k** every single track ask my engineer
If you dont believe me call me like an auctioneer
Im never selling out aint no auction here
Watch his bars tho
They exceed caution here
Heres his tape
Nah Im just joshin queer
Get it hopping dear
Aint no dropping here
So Im stopping here
They too corny for the sh** thats really poppin here
[Verse 2: Nate The Product]
Auntie always saying Im the leader of the pack
So dont in my face you better take a step back
Cuz its facts that I always wanna make dope tracks
Two singles wishing they could reach the top of the map
k**ing sh** tell me where the f**ing 5-0 at
I dont get bad luck like a black cat pa**ed
Sip soda just making it harder to fall flat
Cant f** wit a girl unless that a** is fat
Hot damn I feel like J Cole in this b**h
Wet dreams only makes it harder and sh**
Now lets make a switch
We rap to enrich
Fame aint easy cant pull it out the fridge
Having fun on the track n***a thats how it is
Surprising all the people like a f**ing pop quiz
I need one shot dont empty the clip
Going berserk when they flip the sitch
Feeling like a hero but Im chilling like villain
63 big guy looking like godzillan
Godzillan aint a word but I used it as a fill in
Been having good vibes why these haters tryna k** it
Day dream about the days Im gonna be winning
But I been feeling like its hard to get the top of the inning
Ha thats a baseball reference
Thats best damn sport that I flex with
The endurance makes me feel so adventurous
Im influenced by my mama she so generous
Like the rest of us
We finding trust without no fuss with my team you too dumb if you f** wit us
Making moves about to dominate the stage
Change my ways but keep the differences the same
Its Nate The Product from the f**ing 508
Its the f**ing 508

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