P.Rico - Chiraq super GD remix

Song Rating: 8.29/10

Song lyrics:

(Intro: P rico)
Lets get it lets get it.... squad squad... chiraq lets get it.... you know how I be rocking man aight

(Verse 1: P rico)
Its rico like 2 chainz like jojo like 2 times Rambo with 2 9s Run up on me n***a & you dying n***as talking that money sh** Whole time they be lying b**h we run chiraq & The opp n***as they be hiding Riding round in them foreign whips Aint gotta job aint switching shifts n***as talking that nonsense im up the pole & past them Shoot his a** like a basket Leave his a** up in that casket RIP to that n***a Ill never be a cab k**er hanging out with them drug dealers Yeah they up in the Trap n***a Yeah they be them real n***as Them down n***as That a k** n***as Yeah b**h its P-dot got the red dots sending head shots We jojo gang we from chiraq My money tall just like Shaq (Verse 2: Lil mister) Yeah b**h this chiraq with body snatchers & kidnappers My n***as they running sh** like factories keep big 9s Bounce a n***a like a trampoline I be slowed down off promethazine Clean a n***a like listerine Clip long as magazine a 100 shots make a soul lift I be going crazy with the rubber grip Catch a opp lacking then I hit the dip 40 shells are in his hips Now he need a bag when he go sh** Im a real n***a Ill never switch Make bands fly no magic trick (Verse 3: Billionaire Black) Clout god I clout hard k** a n***a in his backyard Shells turn him to a trackstar n***as talk crazy let the mac spark I let the k spark I let the k bark k** a n***a in his graveyard Yall n***as so p**y yall werent raised hard You n***as cant see me ray charles Im dressed in all black, White 9 Gotta mac on me Ill pull it Got a 30 shot Got a 50 shot I got a handgun shoot Shoot yall bullets Man down on the scene n***a try me His a** gone catch these bullets Head shot thats a red dot turn his dreads to a f**ing mullet b**h im in love with money Im in love with thumbing Sit back pour a 4-red Call that sipping blood money n***as wont make it to this summer Its chiraq n***as getting wack Got a big mac It go click clack You better get back before you get wacked
(Verse 4: $wagg Dinero) Roll a opp pack getting top back im a young n***a but i got that Roll a opp pack getting top back im a young n***a but im bout that Roll a opp pack getting top back im a young n***a but I got that Im a young n***a but i got that Im a young n***a but i got that Bricksquad sh** how you hate though Might pull up let the Tank blow Keep squad with me we all blow Keep singles out in my bankroll If you need a lot come talk to me See more cake then a factory Dont ask to get a track from me Unless you talking Racks to me Oso arrogant This jojo gang If you throw L then im taking names I dont hang around no f**ing lames Team no lacking b**h im in the gang b**h im on the 9 with a couple 9s Bring them all out for the summertime b**h im on the 9 with a couple 9s & the bullets hot like the summertime (Verse 5: King Yella) Chiraq i run that Try me get dumb clapped Im king yella dont ask that you dumb n***as like lab rats Got 50 shots in my coolant kit im in the gang all my n***as rich f** a opp n***a f** a thot b**h Talk slick n***a get ya top hit In a drop top with a thick b**h With the 30 on her she talk mad sh** Shoot a n***a its tragic still wrap a n***a in plastic A the block we spraying shots dont pay attention to tater tots Got cash money so the block is hot Since a juvenile had to block the top n***as switching they style up No lacking we a mil up Been balling on them got a lot of points Got a lot of a**ists they wanna foul us k** a n***a like a plow truck & all my shooters got wild bucks shout out nicki cuz her p**y sticky if I get a chance I might have to lick it 150 no roc block f** around & get ya block popped All i f** is them bad hoes & i see you n***as with them pop thots Got a lot of hitters on standby theyll pop up like a pop tart Got a lot of hitters on standby theyll pop up like a pop tart (Verse 6: King Samson) Chiraq thats my city Im riding round with that buck fifty I aint talking bout no hat though 50 shots in my mac though My k**ers kick in that back door Pull up slide in them back dos 79th some free throws choppa bullets look like egg rolls

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:35