Prince Ea - Working to Live or Living to Work?

Song Rating: 9.68/10

Song lyrics:

I read a study yesterday
It said that last year more than half of us actually choose not to take our full vacations from our jobs
Dont you think its crazy that so many of us are going to work even we dont need to be there?
Times we could be on the beach buried in sand or traveling the earth, we spend it in the office traveling from desk to desk, buried in paper work
See, in this chaotic world where everything goes so fast. Were so busy! Seems like everyones middle name is “multitask”
But now, before you go and act all ´holier than thou´
How many extra tabs do you have opened on your computer, right now?
See, we all need them get away from the race for our family, friends, for the sake of our mental state

Time to rewind, recharge, reconnect
No reporting to the office on e-mails that should be on redirect
Because life, ladies and gentlemen, is all about moments
No one on historys ever been able to hold on to one, not a single soul, and you never get them back. See? There one goes
No do over, no rewind, no DVD root menu to skip to a previous scene

Ask yourself:
How many trips did you almost take?
How many sights have you almost seen?
How many moments have you lost thinking about the next one?
Thinking that once you get this or you get there maybe that would be the best one
Life has taught me that all we will ever have is now

Let me be perfectly clear. Im not saying: quit your job. Even though I know you deserve a six-month vacation twice a year… But how about small steps?
Short trips with long dances, no distractions
Spend the time with family instead of co-workers, meditation instead or aggravation, replace our screensavers with sunrises, palm pilots with palm trees , jammed copy machines with… . Man, I really hate jammed copy machines

The most precious thing we have in life are moments
Let´s make the most of them before they disappear. Let´s see the world while we still can and cherish those while they´re still here
Because when our lives are almost over, it wont matter how much money we made, or hours we worked, times we got “employee of the month”
What we´ll look back on are the memories we made , the hours we spent with those we loved, and were we father of the month, mother of the year, friend of a life time
Holidays should be a time where we go away and come together. From now on let´s take a whole vacation and be fully present, creating memories that will last forever

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 08:16