Rick Banks - Hello, Hi!

Song Rating: 8.71/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook (2x): Sterling Duns]
Hello...Hi...Hey you...Hey me (3x)
I been thinking bout ripping these beats daily lately

[Verse 1: Sterling Duns]

Sterling D, thats me, see
My crews on the brink of history
And these haters cant get rid of me
Cause we too fresh like Listerine

Im awkward thats no mystery
Married to the music, can I just kiss her please?
And if we break up, well you no what?
Ill always have my memories

Thats beautiful, thats beautiful
Well aww aint that cute
If youre trapped in a cubicle, yo turn this up
And it might get you loose

Ive been grinding for a long while
Its been long enough, its time for that jump
And if it fails, oh well
Im a be a stunt double for the New York Knicks Iman Shump

High top fade, low top boats
My team whack? Must be a joke
My team cool, naw we cold
Sickly flow, blow my nose


Sorry excuse woah wee, that was gross
Whos next to the mic to spit?
Are you also sick?
Silly me, but of course

[Verse 2: Rick Banks]

I feel like a million bucks
Timberlake got his Suit & Tie
Got my tux
And no it aint a rental
In fact its fundamental
Cla**iness is in my genes
Shout out Gregor Mendel

Rap game Grendel
The way I spit fire
Number one draft pick
Mark Aguirre
But wait he retired
So now Im Blake Griffin
Dont jump cause you might get christened
Split your wig like Kristen
I know you hear me but will you just listen?
So before I set sail
Im a write it down in braille
So a blind man can feel my vision

Go from the gut, no revision
Cause I cant stand indecision
Just stick with your volition
No subtraction or addition

So with that said, heres the mission
Im your neighborhood mortician
Cause Im k**ing opposition and suspicion
With this composition

No competition
My apparition was the fruition of my premonition for recognition
Need no permission

Conquered your munition with precision
A magician tactician
Your position should be straight submission
No intermission

My erudition is my transmission
This exhibition of repetition is the definition of transition
From musician to a technician or theoretician
Just peep the juxtaposition of your presupposition
And the lesson thats been given

No need for tuition
Its charity I give it cause Im Christian
And I hope some clarity comes from my wisdom


[Verse 3: Young Leo DaVinci]

Tear the game up and then Ill leave β€˜em all behind
Walking Dead flow
k** this beat and bring it alive
Hardwork the new edition so you better subscribe
You just caught a machine in his Optimus Prime

We run the show
Flow cold like fro-yo
Charmander rhymes
Spitting fire when go blow
Whack bols so Bozo
Bunches of clowns
We straighten them out like Jill Scotts Afro
My bros flow is no joke
Full house on this track
Like the last name Stamos
Turn it up as you drive slow
This is what happens when you unchain your main man like Django

This the new school
Im the pied piper
k** beats with dangerous minds
No Michelle Pfeifer

Got this game on lock
Like we sent it to Rikers
Guess you could say the crew is fresher
Than some new Nikes

Or some new socks
Human torch I stay hot
Bruce Banner incredible
Steadily making jaws drop

Plot takeovers of the top spot
Smoke these bols like a crock pot
My crew keep grinding just to rise higher
Than Kids flat top

If you snoozing you losing
So we keep working the movement
Dont let a nuisance undue us
This Bueller flow is the coolest

Cold like Cubas worst movie
Dreaming of cream and Aruba
If hip-hops a risky business
Then best believe that Im Tom Cruising

Im going in like Im here to stay
Im the new fresh prince, wheres Hillary?
Dude we keep grinding each and every day
Cause were done balling out the Penny Hardaway

Its about that time; its about our day
Got my entourage, Adrian Grenier
Flow so cold like North Pole terrain
Man we about to blow up like a loose grenade

[Verse 4: SDeez]

We in the tourney, you aint even make the NIT
We M.I.B., matter of fact, we M.A.B. double A, W.D
Men: all black and a white dude
And we bout to add some more, just for spice and some attitude

And my flow will never tire
Iif it does Ill just keep dogging it
Ironman stamina, I be Tony Starkin it
Im a beast just call me wookie
I just do it, like its nookie
I mean Nike, dont excite me
If you beefing then just fight me

Please dont hate me, just dont like me
You know me if you know me
If you dont I still aint lonely
Got some brews, some beats, some homies
Just a few cause people phony

Why you on me? We aint cool
I shake fools and make moves
Im raised up, you lame dude

They said theyd let us in the game if they could
But I see plenty of room, like Rose had on that wood
They cant drown us out and we way too cold to freeze
My crews the next to blow, like the wind, feel the breeze

Man I got hot bars, like a prison in the summer
But my flows Stone Cold, right kick, get stunnered
We bout to take over like beasts, no hunters
On the track, get back, get lapped, we runners

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:11