SK Laflare - No Flex

Song Rating: 9.83/10

Song lyrics:

Yo, yo
Hey n***a, wake the f** up
n***a wake the f** up
You already know what it is

[Verse 1]
Yeah, what the f** you thought it was
She trying to f** up in the club but first she gotta swallow nut
Im f**ing hoes, testing hoes
[?] they follow us
Ride with us
It was a bad day but a good night
I murder p**y [?]
On d**h row, thats Suge Knight
I got the d**h smoke, that pure flight
Im levitating, never hated
b**h I look for good life
She feeling weighted, need some patience
Trying to have a good time

Need Jesus, found Satan, hope she can cook right
My b**h never basic, she know how to rock them [?]
My main b**h so cla**y, all my hoes is nasty
All your hoes is ratchet and them elbows is ashy
You know this, that low sh**, moisterize [?]
I think you need some more b**h
f** you if youre gorgeous
Any of you hoes worth it, dont even have no purpose
[?], all my broads is certain

I dont flex, b**h I bench press (x4)
Thousand hundred reps, n***a f** your flex (x5)

[Verse 2]
You look like you upset, f** you and your b**h
[?], thats money well spent
Money well spent, ship then dip
Meet your girl around six, we gon [?] in this b**h
Yeah, n***a we go [?] in this b**h
We gon party in this b**h, get naughty in this b**h
If these n***as got [?] shotty in his whip

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 20:55