Steve Jones - B.I.G. Interlude

Song Rating: 9.24/10

Song lyrics:

C-Gutta, where you at?
D Rockafella
Caesar Leo Degenero
Blake C
Money SL

B.I.G. is making this cream
b**hes always say what the hell does that mean?

B is for the b**hes, who cant understand
How one fly n***a became a man
I is for the way it goes in and out
One by one I knocks em out
G is for the way the game goes in the gut
Other MCs man they aint sayin nuthin
Rockin on, to the break of dawn
Meet the b**h, get the p**y, get the math, Im gone

It aint no more to it

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 13:43