Sub7even - 210

Song Rating: 7.59/10

Song lyrics:

Sick off you calling my name
Sick off you playing your game
Get the f** out of my face
Aint got no time for you to waste

I dont answer that sh**
No - I wont answer at all
I just want to smash ya
Cos you are pissing me off

Im on my way
Step aside
Time has come
Get down to fight

sh** will never change -
And youve got sh** for brains
Its up to you to think about
I want you to know - that I despise you
So go f** off s** cocks in hell

I cant believe what you are preaching
Must be sh** youve got for brains
Dont want to see your pointing finger
Shove it up in your f**ing a**

Who hast even asked you?
Dont tell me what I should do
Call some triple x b**h
Cos she might listen to you

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 05:42