Sur5ILL - Corporate Speak

Song Rating: 8.18/10

Song lyrics:

If you dont know the language
Ill tutor you (you) (x3)

[Verse 1]
All of you not familiar with corporate speak, open your dashboard
Its in the app store, Im about to give you a crash course
They say sh** like leverage and onboard and execute
All that means is profit talk, now bring me in more revenue
They say sh** like fiscal year and theres a dip in shares
All that means is work harder fore I fire every b**h in here
Excuse me--I mean I think that f**ing sounds right
I heard that diversity kid is the term they use for brown guys
They utilize terms like circle back and touch base
It means that Im certain that Ill chirp you back, you f**face
They say sh** like value add ...ok Ill allow you that
As long as you can explain where the motherf**ing values at
A word such as crowdsource gets shouted out of their mouth forced
It means fundraising occurs until the amount in their accounts north
They say the books need balancing
The phrasing could seem challenging
But its not if youre talented
Enough to study up on Surs analysis


[Verse 2]
If you dont know corporate jargon and why they all speak so awkwardly
Im offering possibly the most awesome audio glossary
So you dont make a mockery
Of yourself at the office
In front of the bosses who wear Dockers and talk about property
If you go hang in groups and the whole gang is suits
And your own slang is loose and theyre looking to
Recruit you with your new coupe equipped with bluetooth
Drop little phrases like low hanging fruit
Watch out for the cute girls, dont get caught staring at their liquid a**ets
Or HR will make yall attend the sensitivity training cla** next
In a different life, your VP may be DTF in R and D
If your CEO finds out youre both SOL and out on the street
Think before you deliver your supply chain to the dame, man, honestly
Unless you dont give a sh** about your career then f** that broad in heat
Just make sure that the ROI is worth it, perfect bravado sign
Im giving you this template as an example so you can follow mine
This concludes our lesson on the Corporate Speak, an important piece
No need to include on your expense report since the course is free


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 17:26