Team 600 - Zeko Pack

Song Rating: 7.81/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook x2: RondoNumbaNine]
Zeko, is what im smokin on (that Zeko Pack)
Zeko, is what im smokin on (that Zeko Pack)
If I catch an opp lackin ill get em gone
b**h im Rondo, leave me alone

[Verse 1: RondoNumbaNine]
b**h im Rondo im ridin lowkey
If I catch a opp, imma let this Mac speak
D. Rose clap him with that heat
D. Rose cut this n***a up
Man hes gone and he out of here
And Im gone and Im out of here
Sit the f** down
Matter fact, you can move around
b**h, this is not your town, its finna be a man down
I dont make no sound, I dont even talk
And we dont make no sound


[Verse 2: Bosstop]
Tooka, what im smokin on (Shondale)
O Block b**h, They my ten year bros
Run up on yo block, 50, let it go
Man down b**h you already know
Back to the hood rollin up that dope
I dont drink liquor so im pourin 4
Headshot b**h yo head swole
f** Tooka, Fat Head, and T Street
Who want war? They dont want no beef
They dont want no beef, b**h I keep that heat


[Verse 3: Lil Herb]
Posto, thats what im smokin on (Pasto pack)
Im on that, catch a opp, he get blown
Me and Rondo, 30s in the chrome
Jakes hot, lets go post up on the O
f** the cops, if they snatch us we dont know
Everyday I smoke OG and pour a 4
Im leanin hard, pa** the glizzy to D. Rose
We in the field, pull on yo block and shoot free throws
These n***as b**hes he aint beat his case, he told
Get k**ed tonight for talkin sh** the day before
Rollin off them flats with a whole 17 and I aint even know
Lil Mally 30 shot Glocks man down on the opps, now we rollin up dope


[Verse 4: D. Rose]
People came one day I aint know
People came knockin at the door (12 )
Hell yeah, yes sir, yes sir
Click clack I aint go
Early morning in traffic with the bros
Tryna slide on folks
I aint catch I aint see
In the stu throwing Bs
Get fresh, do that and a flat
OB 600, you the gang then you set
A lotta guns a lotta drillers dont get wet
n***as with me hard body they aint scared

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 17:58