THP - Clout

Song Rating: 8.18/10

Song lyrics:

Lets get it
Prince Snoop
Lil Durk, what up broski
Lets get it!

My team winning thats no doubt
And these n***as got no clout
Roll out the door lets smoke now
Hop in the foreign lets roll out
We pull up we show out
Say 485 she gone roll now
My team winning thats no doubt
And these n***as got no clout

[Verse 1: Dotarachi]
I get a check and I keep spending
And 485 my team winning
Im Dotarachi you know boy
f** n***as aint making no noise
Im in here no f**ed up
Steady rolling that thoink up
Hell yeah my pole tucked
Just in case this b**h go up
Reese with me we pull out
Lotta guns we pull out
485 they know us
? we turnt up
Wheat Timbs and my Robin Jeans
Paparazzi they follow me
I get a check, run through a check
f** a lot of b**hes smoke a lot of weed
Copy cats they copy me
f** n***as aint stopping me
485 my team winning I ball like I hit the lottery


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]

Rolling dope my squad winning
A lot of these n***as cant f** with women
Money on his head no buck fifty
Yo b**h going she waiting now
Ferragamo with a ?
Five hundred for my belt now
3hunna we the sh** now
485 we the clique now
Be cautious, my hitters waiting
They shooting they not patient
Im off that purp like patient
My chain my watch be skating
These n***as hoes they haters
They cuffing hoes they crazy
They mad we hot we made it
That flag got my heart racin
So let them n***as hate and get they bands up
Polo on my draws cant pull my pants up
b**h weak a** rappers tell them get they fans up
n***as hating on you tell them put they hands up


[Verse 3: Prince Snoop]
Smoke a lot of dope sip a lot of lean
Rocking hard in my robin jeans
n***as know my team next
These new n***as trying to rock with me
Leader like theres no tomorrow
So the feds be watching me
Got a bad b**h show wont leave me alone
I swear to god she be stalking me
We pulling up and we hopping out
Just a young n***a with a lot of clout
We broke borders they talking about
Its obvious they dont know what they talking about
All this f**ing clout I got your mans mad
True Religion denims got my pants sagging
Them n***as got that swag that I been had
Finessing get a check and then I spend that


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 23:01