Truth Enola - Here I Am

Song Rating: 8.24/10

Song lyrics:

[Celph Titled]
Hahahaha. Another Celph Titled motherf**in banger. Bllllllaaaaawww!

[Hook: Truth Enola]
Oh baby here I am
What you see is what you get
And you aint seen nothin yet
Oh baby here I am
Make money money
Take money money
Oh baby here I am
Be me, stay me, f** them
Oh baby here I am
You can cough on it but dont puff on it

[Verse One]
You might catch me chillin
In a candy on dub, pimped out Expedition
That aint mine
You might catch me holdin
200 grand in my hand
And in the ice Im rollin
Know Im lyin
But you can catch me in the club
With no bottle of bub just Henny Royaled up
More like mine
Get the party wild
Spread love
Bless man, woman and child
Im surprised Im still here
The sh** I endured
Dream sellin frauds
Coked out broads
At least I can say I turned this mother out
While yall b**hes doin the jealous craze is all about


[Verse Two]
I dont like V.I.P
People too nice to me
Givin f**ed up advice to me
Soon to put a knife to me
Then see me advance
Like crabs in a barrel
Tryin to hold you back with a clamp
Hate to see another man
Get some place that you cant
Same motherf**ers fillin your gas tank with sand
Sayin, You my fam, my dog
Soon you start rushin em
Sign the dotted line

And givin you your publishin
And no shows
No hoes and no doe
Then, f** it, Ill go back to the circle and sell coke
I dont brown nose
Kiss a** or cop out
There aint no dope
Thatll make me nod out
Told you
Beginnin to end
Mad Men
New York to Cali like Juice & Gin
Turn heads, drop jaws when we walk in the door
Mute out the world
You know the law its like...


[Verse Three]
Honestly, remain truth lyrical counselor
Are you men-tal enough to endure?
Soar with the powerful flight
The fight of a lions world
Move with the minds successful entrepreneur
Or exist no more
Either or either way
Cradle to the grave
Monstrous every day
I aint change
Still go to the clubs
Hittin the bar
Soul in my art
Hopin the Lord see to my heart
Still the same
Changin the stars
Pullin the cards
Doin my thang
Ridin thru the Mad Man Moss
Remember the name
No artificial sh**
True blue motherf**ers
What you see is what you get


It go hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
If your b**h start actin up then you take her friend
Dont push me cause Im close to the edge
Tryin not to haha
D.W.B. Dark waters. Far Rock to LI. Bushwick. Brooklyn
Bronx. Uptown. Harlem. 141st. New York, New York. Mad Man Monstrous

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