Twista - Fastest Rap Song

Song Rating: 9.46/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah. runaway statue. Here we gooooo

Way 2 strong-bizzy bone-6 sec

Pumplike what pump like what pump/ And so you follow me for triple
Dollar bill whats your salary come roll with the Bone and
Gain control/ Got you runnin with a chance to be the
k**er with the federal generals on a mission its to
Win and f** em all

The righteous ones-bizzy bone-18 sec

Seen my mama?
Hey, remember me baby?
I bought a Mercedes, a crib for my babies
And lately got him running from Lady d**h, still Im shady
Okay they say he schizophrenic and crazy
Back in the 80s tryna get up out the foster homes in dreams a teen
And now my mama lets me down
She wouldnt pick up the phone
Ill make it all on my own
But thats a whole other song and yall dont leave it alone!
I save then baby, cmon!
Murderous, somebody noticed when I strike through the k**ing fields, dead!
T-Rock done got shot got a Glock for the n***a ar-tillery shop
Drop when the n***a pop and the party dont stop till they call the cops!

Body Rott-bizzy bone-39 sec

Yeah n***a we heard about all of the murders look what they did to Tyrone
Flippin the flow then let it burn
What if the pistols and police stay strong for the Bone
b**h, you f**in with all of the black cat feet
And in 1999 when ya meet up in Egypt
Bet it be no peace to release the beats
Settle with the streets and get em all peace
Get up and at least we dont take defeat
b**h never retreat
n***a lose your arms
Better use your feet

Battlezone-bizzy bone-55 sec

Come on (come on) One,two look at the tally they drew my picture with Bob Marley
They probably wanna k** me will i die in 1999 smoking phillies
Bizzy the kid was bustin in the ceilin in my big claim
Kickin on somethig and dig this
Got to feel it catch and dont let go
Wretched in a fro
Bone watchin for the po,po
Roll over then pull it got my bullet in my fo,fo
I gotta stand its turnin to a jungle (green bay)
Comin out a 4-door benz and I spend a lot for show
No no dont spend a lot contend with a men
Lookin at my watch lke a meal of ticket
Arrest the block they couldnt pin it better send it
For the cops absorb you soul of course
Praise to the pharoah
Murder mo,curly I heard it lower and return it burn
When our n***as still shermed out
Courts adjourned!,courts adjouned!
Rest and burn!

Heated Heavy-krayzie bone-1 min 26 sec

Runnin with the AK-47/ Buckin, heated heavy, bustin n***as in the belly/ Then
I follow with the
.357 and then the automatic Techll get em/ n***as love the way I wet em when
I get up in em
Hit em, and I really meant to split em/ Put these n***as on they a** like a
Overdose of penicillin
Murda, n***a wanna pack a pistol wit it/ We got a coffin thatll fit you in it/
The bullets come with it
Heard a n***a posed to be on the stalk/ So now we takin caution when we walk/
A lot of n***as can
Talk, they better not be actin

One Day-layzie bone-1 min 42 sec
I been on a mission since i can remember
Runnin this race on a chase for paper
Eludin the law and dodgin these haters
Hoping the wicked a** streets dont take us
Everyday hustlin grindin strugglin to climb to the top of the pile
Since 89 i been down for mine im in too deep and there aint no stoppin me now
My mission for bein a baller was deeply rooted in the blood
Had no choice but to become a thug as outspoken as i was
I was 14 out here servin havin what i thought was the time of my life
Little did i know around the corner id have alot of lonely nights
In my cell tossin and turnin mad at the world for all the wrong reasons
And my demons wasnt leavin till i really got to know Stephen

Heated Heavy-krayzie bone-2 min 6 sec

Runnin with the AK-47 buckin, heated heavy/ n***a love the way I wet em when
I get up in em(x3)
Yeah, stackin the artillery shop/ Then get the enemy and f** up the cops/ This
sh**ll k** em on the
Spot/ Throw em in the lake/ Right off of the rocks and get the f** away/ Dont
Get caught
You better hurry, n***a/ G-O for what you N-O/ So ho, come on/ n***a, wanna see
If its real
We got promos/ Stack em and tag em with the 44 magnum

Krayzie Freestyle-krayzie bone-2 min 27 sec

Player Hater-layzie bone-2 min 50 sec

You got the clout
You got the clout
So much clout, Mo Thug is what its all about
And Im livin in a nation of abomination
Suppress the playa hatin on a mission til the million see me
s**a situation, should I be personally waitin for
These party poopin fakin muthaf**as mistakin?
Play me like Im loose, when ya need to get your sh** right
Cause I got my sh** tight
f**in with a n***a a thousand proof
And Im raisin the roof when Im startin this fistfight
Set it off, thats me, O
T-H-U-G, original thug
From the C-town, outlaw squad

You n***as cant touch me with a ten-foot rod (rod)

Two Glocks(u-neeks remix)-flesh bone-3 min 14 sec

Bastards blast it we sons of a**asin mashin collectin more cash thats true
And Im gunnin the n***as said all my babies get a million strikin with a
Wicked hit em with a venomous blow I call all my mighty yall can joke gonna
Surround my soul but go with the calico yo we the tightest you know Mo the
Mighty yeah Trues Humbly United my family never divided Desperado Thugline Mo
Thug Millenium Seventh Signs for the F.B.I. you wanna come test my enterprise
b**h you better go think twice and open up your muthaf**in eyes these n***as
Cant f** with the Fifth Dawg when I parlay everyday stormin your way you
Better lay low so you might just duck when I bust this gauge you see my n***as

Tha points 3 min 54 sec

-Layzie Bone-
Puttin yo sh** to the pave Hittin dem mean witta guage Me Lil Lay wit Rip, Kray, Str8 Gotta blaze dem as And neva to taste Bone Me deadly thugstaz, thuggish ruggish Neva to take no losses Put em all in a coffin Get dearly departed Betta off there

-Wish Bone-
Relivin the psychopath And down with tha buckin blast, and takin my chance Cause when you get near my Sawed Off Who gon be rest, to pa** the blast Cause if ya thinkin of kickin these Ya best be packin yo sit to bs That it makes a difference Im movin yo a** with tha quickness

-Krayzie Bone-
Now Krayzie Bone is rip (buck, buck, buck) f**in once It aint a n***a to pick up a pen to be rippin tha skin to send it down to the Mac 10 Theres neva anotha to cova tha brotha I smotha tha s**a and move undercover Be leavin dem n***as as they go and take cova, but threwin, and doin a second murda

-Bizzy Bone-
Tha street sweepa Would it make or break cause me pullin outta yo pot, which shot Puttin tha bullets just where ya touch and ummm Whippedy tet, tet, tet, tet, tet with tha bo, bo, bo deppedy dup Betta be yo set up, wet up, get um on the get uo, Bone wont let ya

Flow motion-krayzie bone-4 min 38 sec

Well its the n***a the n***a the n***a the once again
And n***as they pick up the pen and they try to contend
But see all that they win is that MAC-10
Its blastin, pick up my gun
And your running now from the a**a**in
Pumpin the clip and you askin
Who in the f** is that masked man?
The n***a thats pulled the trigga
its Cause Im slimmer they figured they bigger
But when you can see the real k**er is peelin your cap
n***a thats runnin the pack
They step so pack the gat, tossin ya life
I proceed with the murders, servin off in a coffin
Youre f**ed, because your n***as
They heard that I buck
So dont think youll win when I got my steel
And Im feelin it, when you feelin a pain
Well, like Im insane
And know I can throw the gauge if you complain
Theres never another to go with a brother
While smutherin s**ers been goin undercover
We leave em in gutters, aint going to get caught
But who was the s**a thats squealed on a murder?
Well, 187 The weapon is kept and ya step and get learned a lesson
I grab my Smith & Wesson
For punks that run to test
And so punks get ready to drop
Cause Im on a roll and youll get smoked
And Im kickin a gangsta twist
Lets keep em moving in flow motion

Mista Tongue Twista-Twista-5 min 16 sec

Let the Cavalier Tung kiss ya, its the Mista Tung Twista
Pumpin a rhythm, a lyrical styler
My tonguell be flingin a funky pile of
Lyrical rhymes thats breakin em off in the mind, I be flowin em holy, Im
Kickin the funky Islam, my lyricals slippin em like petroleum, slowly Im
Pumpin the flow of the lyric, Im breakin em off with the radical texture
Im one brother you could never get next ta
Flex your style, Im gonna give em a lyrical pump of the rhythm of Cav
And crackin em up with the word of the wise
I be bringin em up in the flow of the funky dialect
I elect a flow for s**ers that try a wreck
I spark the light of a head and be wakin em up and then cause a fly effect
I insist ya lay with the path of my rhythm and follow me like a scripture
Flowin this from my lung, a tongue twister
Mista, my stylell be makin a dent and be leavin the tracks bent
Steppin is the lyrical white gent, my english accent
Breakin em up and then makin em take in the smell of my funk I be kickin up in em
And then Imma give em a lick of my lyrical lollypop, Im gonna bring em into my doctrine
Rock, then the rhythmll makin the clock spin blackwards
The funk of the rhythmll snap, crackle and pop, then flow, oh
Im makin em follow the path of a God and my trackll be blacker than Cocoa
This lyric Im makin is dope, dont call it so-so
Dont dis the Tung Twista
Leavin the s**ers soft as a whisper, Tung kiss ya like a sister
Then Imma let it be known that its the way that I throw
Thats makin the funk of the lyrical glow
And how I tell it, yo Cav is kickin a funkedelic flow, and oh, my fistll
Swing at the rhythm of s**ers, then Im gonna give em a Tung blister
Its the Mista Tung Twista

From The Tip Of My Tongue-Twista-6 min 13 sec

Droppin a flow like this be breakin the s**ers
And rippin the rhythm and showin Im bringin the feel of my tongue
And be makin em manifest that I be rockin the young
Flowin this style I be singin and bringin
Its breakin the people and go in the mind of a teen
Be makin em hear it and manifest up in him that Im a star to become
Quick the lyrical style Imma kick
You better catch the rhythm of it
Cause hip-hop is becomin complicated, never be left hung
Bringin a style like this kinda quick and crisp
A lyrical twist be comin from Chi-Town
I know that hip-hoppers all over will be stung

(How was the rhyme brung?)
From the tip of my tung [6x]
(How was the rhyme brung?)
From among the tip of my tung

Rock the style of my second verse like that of my first
Be showin the hip-hop hypes my types of flowin, but not the best of T
From an imagination this was took, a mental crook
Stirring this up like a chef or cook
I hear them say give me the recipe
Breakin this off in the fashion of an erection of an adventurous style
That Imma use to just confuse and smart people then go dumb
You say me style be wack cause yall cant manifest what I be sayin
Think Im a lyrical midget, watch me then say fee-fi-fo-fum

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