Under Threat - Order 666

Song Rating: 8.65/10

Song lyrics:

I am he, the mighty one, the axis of the world
Microcosmic mirror of the macrocosm
Now through me youll receive
Wealth and earthly joy if you bow before me

I am king, sovereign, unequalled and supreme
Blessings are to come to those who praise my name
For the good of my land, all opposers I shall slay

By divine right - the throne is mine!
Donโ€™t you dare - to question my laws!
For Im the chosen One

Fateful day for mankind
When the enlightened one
His transcendent source forgot

Alea iacta est, balance has collapsed, Nimrod in the throne
has given Order 666

Agent of the cycle, architect of chaos
Havoc time is here, this is the day for blind atrocity

Obey order 666!
Only the worthy ones will live to see another day

Execute order 666!
Bloodshed is the price for prosperity

No one can escape
The tyrant deep inside
That dragging enslaving force
Fuelled by fear and desire

Only birth can conquer d**h
Regeneration we must face
All beginning has an end
Attachment to the world
Brings only disgrace

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:22