VI Seconds - The Greatest Video Game Rap Ever!!

Song Rating: 7.35/10

Song lyrics:

Suicide sixx Im the man though you knew it, fly girls in my bag like banjo kazooie
The coolest creature that the world wants to fly with, doubt it, catch an arrow to the knee, Skyrim

An anomoly with rappin, body of your masters, claim your kicks quick but mines a way faster
Act up chime and you wont be forgot cause Ill leave you with a big a** scar like sigot
n***a dead or alive Im far from an average Joe, I got k**a instinct just to let you know
The yoga flame just be an honest fool, I bouts with who I swing, sonic boom
Sippin Jin as a King, thats my law in this ring, a nightmare with a Fatal Fury once I dawn in this thing
Off the wall but still I boss like Bison, a raging demon with a dragons uppercut that I strike with
Rule in this Castlevania, Just watch and let the savage go, ape sh** on everyone worthy cause I dont battletoads and
Pretty boy rappers that be playing like yo vega, Ill knock your claws and mask off you old news like Sega

Genesis me Im a new school bad guy, and my past time is giving n***as black eyes
Making sure everybody Im dropping a tear, cause all of em are guilty of grabbing my gears
Im hotter than the bluest blaze of jockmeat, cause your girl on my balls like Katamari Damacy
You knock me, Im feared like the Nazi Zombies run at the hegdehogs top speed
I key with flames I double a dragons, your picture gives me weapons but she cares for my package
Bastard is an app that will master what youre lackin, playing my cards right like Gambit
Thats it, one hit your mans gone, I belong on Marvel vs Capcom
Im on some sh** when I dispatch words, is to make a b**h n***a spin dash

I run sh** like shadow, leave you n***as in my shadow
Putta my knuckles on your tails but I run like sonic from this battle
See this sh** here aint a rouge, n***as are watching all my moves
Cause I will crack your eggman, dont get it confused
I bring chaos when Im on cause Im bout gettin my fetti
A verbal diamond heist keep your emeralds at the ready
Through words I dominate and Ill never be missing
Ingan a** with his rap game n***as know Im the missing Link

Far from a pacifist thats why I always triforce constantly growing but never exposing whats my source
Gannan Im the one youre known to speak of, making n***as hardest verses sound like an Ocarina
A dealer of dope sh**, no crack bar can stop me
You f**ing fairy Ill be more threatened by Navi
Snatching your princesses Ill sol at you when you speak, A violent n***a leading refer to me as your sheik

Filled with the Gears of War the Master Chief sano, rap games Kratos, pa**ing out halos
Swinging heavenly swords and Im known for getting lots of hate
Which is why Im quipped to make boots from these solid snakes
Riot gang all the residents of evil, once they get that call of duty all survival tracks are feeble
An a**a**in is far from being pa**ive, once somebody slips into my battlefield Im about action
First I burn out, taking off like nascar, running over n***as that be claiming that they mad hard
Getting touched like ds 3dplay, Oh you got drive guess whos about to GTA
Me mate, I aint even gotta blow heat, Holap b**h you can catch me on grove street
Homie, contra weapons so I been hard, soon as I leave the crib I get 6 stars
Crash when I dispatch my flow fully grown spittin fire like an aged spyro
I go too hard thats why my style gets jacked, cause I bang like a ratchet n***as dont come back
They just get their tombs raided and I walk off their riches
Then I get on the sims and my sim walks off with the b**hes
You dig it, Im slick sly infamous and savage, an unstable prototype, resist the damage

You on shrooms like a mario brother, number one you stuck on number 2 like marios brother
The biggest of the kongs, the king of the coopas, samus in her prime and Im ready to shoot ya
Touchin my bread bet you leave here with 7 hands, or get xed like a whole different megaman
Get it fam, thats a no-no n***a, cause Ill get metal slugs and pull chrono triggers
n***a heres a breath of fire, turn to ashes, vectorman a machine of multiple cla**es
I step in your space with the illest of fashions, facing off with monsters and suffering no damage
From my 3rd birthday Ive been bringing forth the worst days, one you cant conquer, welcome to your bad furday
Squads so mad it cant stop my flow hot, have you seen you ill, you a psycho, not
Im so hot I scorch from the back man, when your broad gobbles up my balls, Ms. Pacman
Rippin the back man, going all out, a 2k ballout the last you thing you wants to fall out
I crawled out my crib, more than ready, to take the city over like Tommy Rosetti
Get me no Im not one to spawl with, the location of your body will be Uncharted
You murderous well check my bio awk, I guarantee my bio leaves your bio-shocked
Still having doubts, try your luck I reckon, youll catch more kicks than the roster on tekken
Take heat and learn that Im DMC, with more arms than Dante off DMC
Or asura when hes pissed, heres a tip, dont play with him
Ill wipe out every pokemon out in your stadium
For laying em, laying em out I aint an actor, a dog on the mic, perappa the rapper
Dont get smacked up and left for dead, the last b**h that wanted to battle I left her head

Thorn with a goldeneye, 14k vision, just a n***a with no chain having 14k visions
Double 06 once I show youre done, cause Im way more lethal than the golden gun
Hold it son, a beast eating yall for supper, before I pipe your broad I have to glove her
She s**s like kirby, tounges like yoshi, hard as sh**, Im getting blown like 64 cartridges

Grove street, Grove street my word, jetpack cheat theres no-one flyer, youre a writer
Down for the drama fam, mental terrorist and physically a bomberman
Youll get smashed bro if you try to senai, you and every member of your jet force gemini
Ill get your every metal twisted if you thought of duking, You got me f**ed up, I straight duke nuke it
b**h Im far from a hero, a final form fable raising round screaming f-zero
Busy getting known, no time to party, though Im 5x flier than Falco Lombardi
You can show me your moves but I got this on lock cause Im leading my fleet to the sky like Fox
A legend I bees with the best, Cause I move with the strength of what beats in my chest

The heart that Im living with, surviving what Im living in
With the key to it all, sending yall to oblivion
You nobodies with no bodys, so stop it
Without me, you wont exist, Im Sora youre Roxas
Heartless, nah just aware Im a masterpiece, your head is in the clouds, well thats your final fantasy
No matter what number youre on I slay all and blow all away cause I show up as a squall
Yall know what I be do, farthest from seethrough, a person who tamed this, darkness like Riku
Young Xehanort or hianese if you try me, f** love I aint chasing Kairi
On this little big planet, Hunting monsters taking punks out
Gloves always on for someone waiting they get punched out
Leaving dead space turning everyone red, causing max payne to all in this house of the dead
Forcing my wood in this game, giving splinters to cells, once I choose to flip my switch, fear Im bringing em hell
Swinging a soul calibur, youre food for the vultures, wanna play me, feel free, you will break your controller
The final boss the cause of everything youve been through, face me Ill make sure the world ends with you
The cause of what youve been through, face me Ill make sure the world ends with you

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:41