Warlocks - Takin Ova

Song Rating: 8.46/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Tech-Rock of Warlocks]
As we lead MCs into battle
I stand ground with Tee Studios as my castle
Roaming thru Norwegian wastelands
Visiualizing my verbal style through spray cans
Takin ova building empires like Caesar
Try to screw me and I Scrooge you like Ebenezer
Nice gals on the mic fights for the grand prize
N-Light-N be the torch in the force of the midnight

[Verse 2: N-Light-N]
Camelot be turning, 98
3 times Merlin casting spells leaving walls burning
Two shadow knights riding through the wood sites
Mic carriers in the moon light
Soon fight, battle, whom write the remedy
Voice maleficence, slingin like Yosemite
Benevolance versus malevolance
You represent irrelevance
Were heaven sent elegance!

[Tech Rock]
Talling tales with a dark age relevance
The men, mcs talked about in the past tense

[Hook: N-light-N] x3
Takin ova, we be the legatees to the rap legacy
Sereneties of the industry
Takin ova!

[Verse 3: Diaz]
Its the north sea defender, storm outsender
Scandinavian, Iberian islander
T.P; Theological Prophecies
I give you beliefs, Tiara energies

[Verse 4: Father Blanco]
f** em in the streets V.O.T chase you out of town
The sound men about to catch another beat down

[Verse 5: Diaz]
Yo, Tee lay the beat down (Who am I?)
The best Norwegian producer on the M-I
I take you to the sea, the open type

On any open MIC I shine, saint-like
Glorious! viviendo cada palabra
Im sailing in with the Spanish Armada

[Verse 4: Father Blanco]
From the horseback to a 24 track recorder
My beats be walkin the water, crossin the border
Shoutouts to cope2 and the crew C.O.D
Lets whack these others crews like cap MPC


[Verse 5: Karma of Warlocks]
Kid Karma drop the drama, shiny armor Ivanhoe
Seven swords swinging soldiers in the ???
Harrow head heroes from beyond the 7 meadows
Tellin tough tales from the backside of the meadow
We can never settle, battle for the line over kings
Clingin steel and reprint shields is what we bring
Tee takes the lead, like Arthur we wont fail
Adventures awaits, search for the Holy Grail!

[Verse 6: Opaque]
The Mudstained Trubadour
Masquerader, element to carry through for my cause
Pearly white teeth connected to my jaws
I pause a bit
To let my palms get in position
Play the role out of suspicion
My mission is sparklin clear
And I wont fail, V.O.T in my back
T.P must prevail, Royalty
s**ers better pay a fee
A very important point is loyalty
Now I reveal my disguise
You guys see blury flashes of my eyes
Which are evil not sober
Lettin you know T.P is
Takin Ova!![Echoes]


[Outro: Tommy Tee]
Takin Ova
Oh, you crossed over, then you got bucked and knocked over!

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:00