Willie D - The Hood Luv Me

Song Rating: 8.49/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah know Im taln bout, Yung Redd mayn
Swishahouse the click, E-Cla** what they taln bout
Know Im saying, TF n***a ay

[Yung Redd]
Spending money, that I aint never had
In my hood Im a star, with mo stripes than your flag
If my watch sick, then my L rings throwing up
Sideline n***as, still talking Im showing up
I hear em speaking, on a block they aint seen
Paint job soaking wet, bet my j**elry cant me
All my hoes look like, they came off the screen
With a a** so fat, hair down to her knees
Got my H on my hat, shades match that
Drank Im poing up, haze Im burning that
I pop tags, Im the one your gal talk about
My ring insane, look his chain Crayola box
Play the parking lot, dos up the Promenade
Trunk cracked like the sidewalk, you know what Im bout
These out of town n***as, thinking we slow
But my bread come fast, and getting all mine back

I got my apes laced up, now Im running my block
Pockets busting at the seam, till them rubber bands pop
Mayn I been showing up, thats why them girls love me
You aint gotta like me, but the hood love me
She aint never met, a n***a this hood
Tell her we dont look good, then you dont look good
I aint never faking, thats why them girls love me
Post up, way Im feeling mean the hood love me

Im a hood cat, that got millionaire tendencies
Hit the scene, Ds on a limousine lit with screens

Paint job, same color as promethazyne
Diamonds in my piece, liquid green like some Listerine
The blue bell wrist, the Dairy Queen pinky ring
All you can ice b**h, Im someing like a skating ring
I told Johnny, I want it long as he make it bling
Bright so when its light, as a light hit it and make a scene
The hoes wet, cause they liking the way I make it seem
Easy to get gutter and butter, working a triple beam
My 16s, are carosine and gasoline
Margaritas next to electric heaters, releasing steam
Im dedicated, and deep in love with this music thing
I aint leaving no time soon, you should get use to me
I got a on-going problem, I dont know who to see
Thatll help me handle my feddy, and getting cream


[Willie D]
Cat n***as, bow down to the realest
I aint jumping on a track, if the hood cant feel it
Relentless is the label, but I f** with Swishahouse
Run up on me partna, bet you I aint gon miss your mouth
Lexus Cadillacs, alligators and shrimps
Texas is the home, of the players and pimps
Respect that, cause if you come around here plexing
You going back home, in the cargo section
Stay on my grind, I aint the sorry type
Not what you had in mind, but Im what your daughter like
You want her with a cake, but she desire a strong n***a
Thats why everytime I see the b**h, Ima long dick her
n***as eating, cause a Northside playa took a gamble
Nelly made the song, but I started country grammar
They focused on my city right now, cause we blowing up
Its Willie motherf**ing D, I been showing up


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:26